How We Are Setting Intentions for The New Year

The new year is upon us! One of our favorite things to do at the end of each year is to look back on the year that has past. After reflecting on all that has happened, from mountain high moments to valley lows, and how far we have come, we sit down and start setting intentions for the new year. Wondering how to set an intention? We like to start by thinking ahead 5 years. Picture where you want to be then, and work backwards. What is something you can focus on this week, this month, this year to become that person or meet that goal? Now, put it on paper. Yes – real paper! We love a productivity planner or a simple notebook when setting intentions. There is something that releases when you actually write things down, something that tells your brain you will achieve/be/do that thing (especially if you write it over and over again!). Plus, you can refer back to your list next week, next month, next year and measure your progress.

Now, don’t be intimidated. Setting intentions doesn’t need to be anything fancy or far out of reach. It can be as simple as “be kind” or “smile more.” OR it can be lofty and dream-worthy! Make your new years intentions what you want them to be. But if you need a few ideas, here are some of the ones we’re setting, here at IBT…

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1. Start journaling more

2. Stop the glorification of “busy”

3. Be more conscious about saving money for long term goals

4. Dedicate more time to friendships

5. Try different workouts that are out of my comfort zone

6. Make an intentional effort to spend 30 minuted a day reaching out to loved ones that I am thinking about in that moment

7. Put my mental health & emotional well-being before others

8. Drink more water!

9. Keep my phone away from me for the first and final hours of the day when I am waking up and going to bed (stop the endless Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest scrolling!)

10. Be more environmentally friendly (reusable items, sustainable products, less food waste)

11. Make new friends

12. Go to more comedy shows to laugh and fuel the soul (my two favorite comedians on tour: Sebastian Maniscalco  and Jim Gaffigan)

13. Be more financially responsible

14. Be fully present wherever I am

15. Make time for myself a priority, and schedule it into my calendar just like I would anything else

16. Be more socially aware and involved

17. Stop doubting myself

18. Live generously

19. Make an effort towards minimalism (stop purchasing products I don’t need and donate excess)

20. See more sunrises

What are your new year’s intentions? 

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