Our Favorite Party Must Haves

Choosing to host a party can be daunting to some people. Some questions you may ask yourself – do I have the space to hold all the people I want to invite, or should I look into a venue? Is there a theme? Do I have decorations on hand? Will I need balloons? Do I have entertainment? The list goes on and on. Lucky for you, we are sharing our favorite party must haves, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Rather, you should feel inspired to host your friends and family for the next gathering with our list below!

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Be the hostess with the best party details

Chilled Caddy/Condiment Server

These are perfect for any type of party. Use it for taco toppings, bbq toppings, vegetables or fruits! This is a must have if you love to host, especially in the summer. Throw ice in the bottom and set out your tongs for easy grabbing!

Stemless Wicker Wine Glasses

We love little details that add to the party, and these wicker wine glasses are one of them! Not only do they help keep your drink chilled, but it adds a fun element to your party!

Mesh Food Covers

Having your food set out for hours can make you feel uneasy, especially if there are bugs flying around. These mesh food covers are GENIUS and totally a party must have!

Champagne Ice Mold

Elevate your party and wow your guests with a fancy (but easy) champagne ice mold. You can add fruits and edible flowers, or leave it elegant and plain. If that seems daunting to you, try these round cocktail ice molds first!

Be the hostess with the best decor

E-Z Safety Seal Helium Balloon Valve

Balloons are one of the best ways to elevate your gatherings! This E-Z helium seal is a must have for anyone that loves balloon decorations. You can decorate up to 9X FASTER with Helium-filled Latex Balloons. It’s the fastest and easiest way to inflate, seal, and string a helium-filled latex balloon in just 6 seconds. Here are some more details about it : it works best with 11-12″ latex balloons, with 4-5 hours float time. But, get this – the valved balloons can easily be re-inflated if your party seems to go on! You can currently find this in nearly every Walmart party aisle, as well as online. This is absolutely a party must have in our opinion!

Blue Checkered Picnic Theme Party Set

This set has everything you need for a small backyard picnic/bbq/dinner. It includes : plates, napkins, tablecloth, banner, cups and plastic silverware. We love party sets and ordering everything we need for a party with the click of a button!

Cloth Napkins

Having cloth napkins is something everyone should have on hand. It’s another easy way to elevate your party, and the best part is that they are reusable. Simply throw them in the wash machine after your party and put them back in your hostess drawer for the next get together. These are best for when you are hosting a casual event with <10 adults. There are so many fun varieties in this bundle!

Neon Sign

We love the trend of neon signs! You can place them in a spot that doesn’t have a lot of decorations, or you can jazz it up with some florals, a balloon arch etc. It’s also a perfect backdrop for party photos! Check out the different (and customized) options!

Be the hostess with the best entertainment

Corn Hole

Games are always a good idea when you’re hosting a party. Corn hole is one of those games that everyone can (learn to) play. It keeps the kids occupied and creates some fun competition with the adults!

Jumbo Stacking Jenga Blocks

We’ve all played Jenga once upon a time, but have you ever played with the jumbo blocks? This is the perfect entertainment for both adults and kids. Our pro tip : place this on a small stable table and you’ll play for hours!

Ring Toss

Another one that people of all ages can play is the ring toss. Compete with another person, or sharpen your skills on your own. This game easily provides hours of entertainment and it doesn’t take up much space!

And there you have it. A little bit of everything for your next gathering! Perhaps you’re attending a party in the near future and need to bring a hostess gift. We have all the inspiration you need for the perfect wine basket!