How to Style a Last Minute Virtual Halloween Party

If you woke up this morning only to realize it’s Halloween and you have yet to make plans then don’t worry you are not alone. It is 2020 after all, we are all in the same boat. We can almost guarantee you never would have thought a virtual Halloween party would be something to consider but given the times, we are excited to show you that just because a party is virtual doesn’t mean it is any less amazing. Plus throwing a virtual Halloween party allows you to throw it together last minute… so without further ado, we are happy to share 10 tips on how to style your virtual party with help of one of our favorite creatives, Amanda Wilens!

All tips are shared and written by Amanda Wilens

.01 – Pick a fun theme color that can also be replicated easily. Think metallics like gold or
silver that most people have at home. Then add in pops of color like yellows, oranges,
pinks, and black.

.02 – Place your dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and any large items first. Such as your food
trays, big décor pieces (like these golden pumpkins). Be sure to space out the larger
items to create an even tablescape.

.03 – Don’t be afraid to style your table with pretty food. Get a nice tray or platter that fits the
team, fill it with your favorite treat, and decorate the food and tray together by adding
sprinkles, edible flowers, or even just topping with something like powdered sugar.

.04 – Keep to multiple smaller vases for arrangements. This helps to spread florals and is
much easier for people to replicate.

.05 – Try to make floral arrangements and table décor that is easily repeatable. Something
that’s not too complicated so all participants can dress their tables similarly.

.06 – Mix fresh and dried flowers for a fun and textural combination.

.07 – Don’t have napkin rings? Pick a black or fun Halloween print ribbon to tie up your napkin
in a pretty bow and add a little flower inside the fold.

.08 – A great tip for styling any table is to always have a filler flower that you can snip little
pieces of and tuck it into the nooks and crannies on the table for a more filled out look.
Good examples would be babies breathe, eucalyptus, or stardust gypsophila.

.09 – Lots of little pumpkins! One of the easiest ways to style your Halloween table is to grab
lots of little pumpkins from the store and fill out the table placing them in somewhat of
a zigzag along the tablescape. This creates a very full affect and is fairly inexpensive…oh
and cute!

.10 –  Another way to fill in the gaps along your tablescape line is to fill it with full flowers cut
off at the head. You will want something full like these spray roses or daisies or dahlias.
Save this for last so they don’t wilt. Snip at the head and fill in the empty spots.

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