This Gorgeous Gathering Table is Inspired by Tulum

Have you been desperate to get away and travel? Yes, we are right there with you, and it seems that the talented duo of The Modern Romantics couldn’t agree more. Inspired by their itch to travel they decided to style a whole gorgeous gathering table that is modeled after the best elements of Tulum. Need we continue to try and convince you to scroll on?! Yeah, we didn’t think so we know you have probably already got to the good stuff…

Frances Liu, with The Modern Romantics shares more about what inspired this gorgeous shoot,

By this time each year, we’ve usually already taken different trips around the US and even the globe with family and friends.  Instead, we’ve all found ourselves sheltering in place at home with all trips canceled and many travel credits issued due to the pandemic.  We’re not mad about it, but we’re also dying to get out and explore the world.  One of the places that we’ve been dreaming about returning to is Tulum because I mean…who isn’t dreaming about the beach, the ocean, fish tacos, and an idyllic, eco-friendly getaway just about now?!  Since we aren’t able to travel at this time, we decided to bring Tulum to us by creating a tablescape and setting that transports us to the elements of Tulum that we crave the most.  Here are our 5 tips of how to create a magical Tulum inspired experience, right here at home:

1.  Incorporate Natural Elements into your table and setting:  Tulum is all about natural elements and honoring them, try incorporating some of those natural elements into your table, think straw, wood, ceramics, etc.

2.  Add a Hanging Element:  Hanging elements create whimsy and are everywhere in Tulum, think dreamcatchers, hanging macrames, lanterns and lamp shades

3.   Accent the space with leaf plants:  Tulum is part beach and part jungle.  Because of that greenery is everywhere in Tulum.  Add some greenery to your table and space by way of plants!

4.  Add Texture and more texture:  Playing off of Tulum’s love for natural elements, add texture to your table and design by way of fabrics, prints, or layering natural elements.

5.  Create Comfort:  Tulum is all about that lounging life.  Incorporate pillows, poufs, and anything that brings comfort for easy lounging.


What is your favorite detail of this gorgeous gathering table? Let us know in the comments!

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