Easter Brunch with Chinet

Want to make entertaining all the easier, without sacrificing style? Get ready for Easter entertaining with Chinet’s plastic dishware and a little DIY! We set the table for Easter Brunch and are looking forward to enjoying the afternoon free from washing dishes! We know you’re itching for Easter crafting so grab a can of spray paint and prep your pretty Easter table!

With a few pastel additions to bring that special holiday touch, our Chinet tabletop is cute and easy!

We spray painted gold accents onto the dessert plates and blue onto the dinner plates, painting the bottoms so guests could still enjoy food off of them. We then took our dessert plate and created a DIY cake stand by using a small glass upside down as a base and joining them with glue dots. This was really too easy and made a placement of cupcakes and cookies all the prettier! With the variety of plate and glass sizes, decorating the table was easy! We filled small glasses with our “eggs nest” for a place setting and added flowers and some grass accents from Ikea and we were done!

Not only are these ideas good for Easter brunch this weekend, but can be used for any event from rehearsal dinners to bridal showers! When planning for large groups focus on friends and family and don’t worry about the clean up!

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