Designer-Approved Bedroom Refresh Hacks

A bedroom refresh, and interior design for that matter is no small task. But it is one we like to try and do every 2-3 years, and the time is now so we thought we would take you along for the ride. Today on the blog, we enlisted help of two interior designers to share the do’s and don’ts for your bedroom refresh. These professionals are dished out some amazing tips, so we knew we needed to share them all with you! Scroll on to read all our favorite designer-approved bedroom refresh hacks.

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Interior designer, Shaolin Low, of Studio Shaolin shares,

Choose Task Lighting: If you plan on reading in bed or watching a screen, it’s important to have lighting that will help you focus on these tasks without straining your eyes. For this, I usually recommend a lamp, wall sconce, or a clip-on light.

Use Timers: I love putting a timer on lamps in bedrooms. I have mine set to go on when it gets dark and go off at 9 PM (my preferred bedtime). This is a nice feature, so I have something to remind me when it’s time to wind down and fall asleep. 

Consider Himalayan Salt Lamps: These are a favorite for soft, mood lighting, and are said to provide health benefits because they are “natural ionizers,” meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air.

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Interior designer, Amanda Evans shares,

Incorporate Layers:Layers of light are critical in a bedroom; meaning having overhead general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting can make all the difference and are necessary if you use your bedroom for different tasks. 

Consider Dimmers: When designing a bedroom – whether its new construction or a renovation – we always add recessed pot lighting on a dimmer. This layer of light is great for general lighting when you are getting dressed, tidying up or other everyday tasks. When dimmed, this overhead lighting illuminates the fabrics, textures and finishes the room with a nice soft glow when you want to relax. 

Decorative Lamps – Do You Need?: The answer is yes. A beautiful table lamp or wall sconce over the nightstand serves as a decorative piece, but also as ambient lighting that is perfect for nighttime when you want to unwind with a good book. 

Image via @mindygayerdesigns


Interior designer, Shaolin Low, of Studio Shaolin shares,

Don’t Pick the Wrong Bulbs: Color temperature is key — if you’re looking for a general, warm white feel make sure to pick lightbulbs within the 2700-3500k range. 

Don’t Forget About Dimmers: Dimmers are a must have — you need to be able to have it bright when you’re getting dressed, but dim when you’re winding down or trying to convince your child it’s actually bedtime.

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Interior designer, Amanda Evans shares,

The Rule of One:The biggest mistake one can make in the bedroom is relying on one center ceiling fixture to accomplish all of the above. Always add layers with table lamps, recessed lighting and something decorative. 

Have The Wrong Bed Height? Buying a mattress and box spring plus the metal frame can position the bed way too high off the ground, which affects the amount of light received. The optimal height for the mattress off the floor is between 24” – 26”, which should be aligned with your nightstands. 

Don’t Ignore Window Coverings:Proper window coverings can greatly affect sleep quality. It’s best to have blackout drapery, but even well-lined drapery will help reduce the natural light in the room leading to a better night’s sleep.

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