6 Decor Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Our homes tend to show the first signs of the changing seasons, especially when the weather here in SoCal hardly does. Hello, earthy scents, warm tones, and cozy throws! To help get your home ready for fall, we talked to design expert Jess Cooney. The New England designer knows a thing or two about transitioning decor for cooler months, and making not only pretty choices, but practical ones too. The best part? These swaps don’t have to be major or expensive in order to give your home that fall feeling.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall
Photo by Lisa Vollmer

Let’s talk color! What is your favorite hue to incorporate into the home for Fall?

My favorite thing to incorporate into a Fall space is winterberry. I love getting the bright orange winterberry plants and putting them in vases around my home. That fresh pop of orange with the backdrop of fresh white snow outside my windows is one of my favorite things in the Fall and Winter.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall Get Your Home Ready for Fall
What area of the home do you feel is most utilized during the Fall and Winter months, and therefore in most need of a refresh?

I live in a home from the 1890’s with 5 fireplaces in various rooms around the house. The main living room fireplace becomes the epicenter for us during the fall/winter months. We will bring our dinner into the living room and play cards around the fire with our children. My 8-year-old son loves to carry the wood in from outside and load the logs in the fireplace and on Sunday afternoons we sometimes doze in front of the fire after a day of skiing together.


How do you easily incorporate layers into the home for Fall? 

I love to layer textures in the fall by taking down linen draperies and replacing them with velvet.  Adding soft cashmere throws to the sofas, and swapping out silk throw pillows for nubby wool throws are all great ways to layer the house for the change of seasons.
What type of accents or accessories are easy to incorporate without having to invest in a large purchase for the season? 

An easy way to transition your house from summer to fall without breaking the bank is to add more throw blankets to sofas and chairs and to add candles in the main living spaces. We use candles a lot in the fall/winter to bring in some soft lighting in the darker months. It’s a really nice way to create a warm glow a space without spending a lot.

Are there any statement pieces you recommend to instantly achieve the ultimate fall vibe? 

Thick wool cable rugs are one of my favorite winter items, and deep blue velvet draperies are another – Weitzner blue velvet fabrics are my favorite. Cozy distressed leather chairs are always an easy way to create a soft worn look so a space is not too pristine. We also always have some elements of reclaimed wood to give the space a soft and easy feel.

What trends do you foresee in home design and decor for this coming Fall, Winter and beyond? 

One trend I see for winter is the use of white. People often have shied away from whites in winter but it’s a beautiful backdrop to deeper colors.  A soft off-white in winter can be really calming and cozy in your home. I love to offset it with greenery and pops of winterberry.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall? Tell us in the comments below!

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