Citrus Christmas Brunch inspired by the Winter in Charleston

We can almost guarantee that you have never heard of a citrus Christmas brunch, let alone a citrus Christmas brunch inspired by the winter in Charleston! We are sure this concept has sparked your interest just simply because of how different and unique it is! We can confirm that this citrus Christmas brunch is the unique and out of the box inspiration we needed today! The whole fete was designed perfectly, but we have to say we think the Cranberry Negroni cocktail garnished with cranberries stole the show. Stroll on, to see every detail, and cast your vote in the comments! 

Mary Kathryn with Ooh Events shares,

This shoot came to life as an alternative to the classic whites, reds, and greens for the holidays. Charleston is still relatively warm at Christmastime, so we wanted to create a holiday brunch look that paid homage to the merry and bright season but with a twist that felt more Charleston. There are a lot of beautiful blues in Charleston-from the water to the haint blue paint on porch roofs-and I wanted to pair that blue with something festive and warm. Oranges seemed like the obvious choice! I gathered some of my favorite friendors (friend vendors) and asked each to take creative liberty with a citrus theme in mind. Each talented soul brought something magical to the table (literally!). 


Did you love this citrus Christmas brunch just as much as we did? Let us know in the comments which element was your favorite and then check out this Winter Dinner Party!

vendor love

Design, chairs and dishes
Ooh! Events
Invitations and name cards
Lia Burke Libaire
Cranberry Negronis
Cru Bar
Outfit Accessories and glasses
Out of Hand
Orange coasters and floral tray
MKMcConaghy Designs 

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