8 Quarantine Memes to brighten your spirits

Ahhh COVID-19 the buzz word of 2020. If we had a magic ball and could have looked into the future to see what is our new reality we wouldn’t believe it. And, heck we still can’t believe this new state of reality. We are well aware of the tragedies this virus has caused, and for all of the people that have been affected our hearts are with you. With such a heavy time in history, we are hoping that by sharing these 8 quarantine memes they will brighten your spirits even a little bit. So onto the good stuff, don’t forget we are all in this together!

Image 1 and 2 source unknown. Image 3 inspired by @jaredfreid. Image 4 inspired by @thecut.

Image 5, 6, and 7 source unknown. Image 8 inspired by @jake_vig.



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