8 Creative Gifts to Give for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this year, we’re bringing back the grade school traditions. You know, the ones typically made of card stock and have a little spot to place your favorite candy?! It was a near impossible task to choose which theme you were going to go with for that year (with the options usually being grim). Rather than opting for candy Valentines, we came up with 8 creative gifts to give for Valentine’s Day as your goodies this year! Whether you’re single, married or in a long-term relationship, this holiday is a celebration, inclusive of everyone. Take a look at the creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas we’ve rounded up below to choose your favorite!

01. Victorian Puzzle Purse

One of the oldest recorded Valentine’s is on display in the Postal Museum and dates back to the year 1790! It is known as the Puzzle Purse Valentine – a single large sheet to paper folded to a smaller size. The idea is that once it’s received, the puzzle is to unfold it in the right way to read the handwritten love notes within the folds. You can purchase these pre-made by local artisans, or you can make them for yourself!

Image via Papier

Illustration by Sussannah Garrod

02. Locket

We’ll take jewelry over candy any day! Add photos of you and your BFF’s within these gold locket necklaces and you’ve got an easy personalized gift for your besties! Plus, you can get them in bulk, too!

03. Tapered candles

Practical, functional, and so cute. Tapered candles make an easy and useful gift – and when wrapped with a bow,  they make the sweetest gift presentation!

Image via Yamita

04. Deck of cards

There’s hundreds of games you can play with a deck of cards. It’s a gift that almost everyone can find useful- one that definitely won’t collect dust on the shelf!

05. Roller ball perfume / perfume samples

Portable scents are super useful for the avid traveler or gal on the go! Instead of (or in addition to) including candy in your Valentine’s Day card, order a set of perfume samples from your favorite brand and slip them into your cards for the perfect gift.

06. Hair bows

The perfect flirty accessory that can be worn in your hair or in addition to your most used hand bag.

07. Tinted lip balm

For your beauty mogul friends for, honestly, anyone who wants softer, more hydrated lips (we think that’s most people).

08. Custom match boxes

Another practical gift that doubles as a darling home decor piece! You can take the DIY route and customize a set of match boxes yourself, or you can order them to be custom made through a small business on Etsy!

Image via Collective Gen

We hope you feel loved and supported, not only through the month of February, but for the months to follow! We have a ton of great Valentine’s inspiration on our site, so don’t miss out on the fun activities, cute tablescapes, decor inspiration etc. only on IBT!