4th of July Recipes & Ideas

The 4th of July has nearly arrived and we are so excited! You know that we love a good party with all the details and fun decor, especially when it’s a holiday theme. It’s true, we love all holidays, but those that land in the summer months are even better. The 4th of July is filled with patriotic accessories, fun cocktails and, of course, the festive red, white and blue dishes. Whether you’re keeping it casual, or celebrating big, we’ve put together some of our favorite 4th of July recipes & ideas for you to share!

Appetizers to Share

01. 4th of July Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are always a good idea. It’s even more fun when you keep the board to the theme – in this case, with red, white and blue colors!

02. Crockpot Queso Blanco

You won’t believe how easy this white cheddar queso is. Is it even a party without queso?! The answer is no. It’s always a good idea, and one that will for sure be gone by the end of the day! *A 4th of July tip, try finding those multicolored tortilla chips to be even more festive. Enjoy!

03. Watermelon-Fennel Pico de Gallo

This mild and herby fresh salsa is the perfect refreshing appetizer on a hot summer day. Are you familiar with fennel? If not, listen up. Fennel bulb (found in the fresh produce section), will easily add a new punch of flavor to any dish you add it to. Eat it raw in salsas/salads, or sauté it with your favorite vegetables. It’s best described as having a very mild anise or licorice flavor (don’t let that deter you, though!). You can learn more about it here.

Main Dish Options

01. Beef Kabobs

These are so incredible tasty and the best part : they can be prepped ahead of time to soak up all the marinade flavor. Another great thing about beef vs chicken, is that the beef will be perfectly cooked when your veggies are ready. Fire up the grill, set these kabobs on, and dinner is ready in under 10 minutes. It also pairs perfectly with any side dish – what more could you ask for?!

02. Smokey Grilled Dry Rub Porkchops

Grilling gives everything so much flavor. Pair that with a dry rubbed bone in pork chop and we can hear our stomachs start to grumble. The best thing about pork chops is that they really do go with any ‘topping’ or side dishes. These are a little sweet with a touch of heat – the perfect summer main dish.

03. Chile-Oregano Chimichurri

Pick your favorite protein and elevate the entire dish with this sauce. Seriously, its perfect over burgers, chicken, steak or pork chops! Drizzle a little, or a lot, either way, you and your guests won’t be disappointed.

Side Dishes

01. Arugula Pesto Potato Salad

Instead of your classic mayo & egg potato salad, we have fallen in love with this bright and tangy potato salad. It’s the perfect pairing to burgers, pork chops, ribs or kabobs on the grill.

02. Root Beer Baked Beans

I couldn’t pass up sharing this one. There are hundreds of different baked bean recipes out there, but this one is on a whole new level, which is why it easily made it into our 4th of July recipes & ideas post. They are tangy, sweet and ever so slightly smokey.

03. Apple Slaw

When it comes to coleslaw, I feel like you either love it or.. it’s maybe not your go to. If you do find yourself being a slaw lover, it comes down this : do you like creamy based slaw, or a vinaigrette based tangy slaw? This recipe is tangy with tons of crunch.

04. Corn on the Cob with Honey Lime Compound Butter

Corn on the cob is an American barbecue staple. Maybe you like the classic salt and butter, or maybe you are looking to switch it up. If that’s the case, you must try this honey lime compound butter. Again, prep it ahead of time and bring it to your party for an easy flavor enhancer.


01. Strawberry Pretzel Bars

If you have not had these yet, let this be the one you bring to your summer parties this year! It is out of this world. Think of cheesecake, but with a buttery, sweet and salty crust with a refreshing fruity topping. Need I say more?

02. Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice cream cone cupcakes is a first for us! When I saw these adorable desserts, I knew I had to share them with you! They’re incredibly fun to create and definitely a show stopper for the 4th of July! Be sure to read through her tips & tricks – like choosing a white cake mix and poking a hole in the bottom to prevent a soggy cone bottom.

03. Patriotic Bark

Making (white) chocolate bark has been my go to the last couple years for a few reasons.

  1. Its a no bake desert – all you need to do is microwave the chocolate melts.
  2. You can add any ingredients you like : pretzels, cereal, m&m, – of any kind, dried fruit pieces, sprinkles etc.
  3. You literally can’t screw it up 😉

We hope that you have found some new cooking/baking inspiration from our 4th of July recipes & ideas. If you find yourself hosting a patriotic party, check out our “Everything You Need for the Perfect 4th of July Tablescape” post.