DIY Flower Wall Decor

Simple and super cute = our qualifications for the perfect DIY. This DIY flower wall is possibly the simplest and cutest of all the DIYs we have crafted! If you are looking for a bright and fun way to spruce up your space or fill an empty wall, this will not disappoint! We’ve come up with a lot of fun ways to use silk flowers, and washi tape too, – but this may be our favorite! Follow these simple steps and watch your room come to life – our office will never be the same! Whether you use your flower wall as home decor, or a party backdrop, we guarantee everyone who sees it will fall in love!


What You Need

Real or fake flowers
*For long term decor purposes silk flowers are great!
Washi tape
A wall


DIY Flower Wall Decor


1. Gather all of your flowers and cut off a good amount of the stems, leaving 3 to 4 inches.

2. Take any cute patterned or colorful washi tape and cut it into strips. They may vary in size and color for more of a “messy” look. Cut a strip for every flower!


DIY Flower Wall Decor DIY Flower Wall Decor

3. Take your pieces of tape and stick your flowers to a wall. Don’t worry too much about creating a pattern, instead have fun placing them wherever and watching it turn out perfectly undone :). It’s that simple!


DIY Flower Wall Decor


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