Why Interior Design Might Be The Career Shift You Have Been Searching For

With a new year, comes a lot of new change and one of those changes may be coming to the realization that you are not doing what you truly love. Maybe you are in the creative industry and are ready to be your own boss, or maybe you want more freedom than what a traditional 9-5 offers. Whatever the case may be if you enjoy being creative and have always been interested in interior design then what we are discussing today will help you determine if interior design might be the career shift you have been searching for!

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Victoria Bell Design shares,

Make the space in your life that will allow you to pursue a career in design at your own pace. Make sure to do as much research as possible. Learn the logistics of what it means to start your own LLC and what it takes to create and start a business. Before you create any design, you need to know that you are running a business. And when starting a new business it’s important to shoot your shot. One thing I always say about myself is that I have no shame in trying new things and speaking to new people. I call, email, and message anyone who can help me, whether they are at the top of their field or not. I feel it’s important to learn from everyone around you–to learn what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. Another thing is to truly internalize that you will make all kinds of mistakes. I have made so many mistakes and I am sure I will continue to make them. I have learned from them and will continue to do so. Through trial and error, I am learning what works best for me and how I can best serve top-quality results for my clients.

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Sara Barney of Bandd Design shares,

If you’re tired of sitting at a desk the entire workday and are looking for a more hands-on, creative, and fast-paced work environment, then interior design might be your calling! It’s a hot industry to be in right now because of the pandemic and people are realizing the shortcomings of their current living situation – there’s a lot of shuffling going on with people moving and rearranging their homes. There’s more freedom in terms of working remotely and on your own terms (e-design, etc).

Image via Kate Lester Interiors by @ryangarvin

Lisa of Lisa Gilmore Design shares,

Interior design is a career that thrives off of passion, so if you are craving a career that allows your passion to be fed, then I would highly recommend it! Don’t get me wrong, every day isn’t passion-filled and happy moments – there is a lot of problem-solving and technical needs, and customer service is a huge factor in having a successful interior design career

Additionally, interior design (and the building industry) is one of the few careers that has remained successful, positive, and growing during this unexpected time of the global pandemic. We are seeing people in their homes more, and they are finally paying attention to them, not being so distracted by the hustle before, craving to make them better and more their style. 

If you are considering a career change to interior design, I would certainly look into some schooling so you can get your feet wet with the different techniques used, understanding textiles, proper use and function, and a baseline of codes in the building industry. Working on improvements on your own home (or a friend’s home) and documenting the processes well, will also speak volumes for your talent and competence to complete a project, and that will help you become more established down the road! 

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