Our Favorite Career & Self-Growth Related Podcasts

2020 has become synonymous with the year of podcasts. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we were all stuck inside & seeking newness through long drives around town, but it feels like everyone & their mother has a favorite podcast. With so many genres to choose from, our favorite lands in the self-growth related podcast pool. We love listening to these while on long drives or while spending time outside. Self-growth is ever evolving, and so personal to each individual. We are rooting for you as you give these self-growth related podcasts a listen!

01. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Our Favorite Career & Self-Growth Related Podcasts - Inspired by This

Photo via The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama covers all kinds of topics from raising kids, to marriage advice, to the gift of friendship. The basis of the podcast is on how the relationships we are a part of make us who we are. It’s a Spotify exclusive, with new episodes every week!

02. The Blonde Files Podcast

Our Favorite Career & Self-Growth Related Podcasts

Photo via TheBlondeFiles.com

Arielle Lorre is a health & wellness influencer who curates delicious recipes, great fashion/beauty tips, & is open about her past with drug addiction. Her podcast is focused on wellness- whether that is mental, physical, or emotional with an overall arch on how to achieve your best life.

03. Career Cloud

Our Favorite Career & Self-Growth Related Podcasts

Photo via CareerCloud.com

This show that is downloaded over 2,500 times a day is the podcast for all your resume, career coaching, job seeking needs. The resources are straightforward & super helpful for anyone that feels stagnant on their job search!

04. Life Kit: Health by NPR

Our Favorite Career & Self-Growth Related Podcasts

This podcast is a great option for those seeking tangible self-growth tips. With episodes such as, “Why Forgiving Others Actually Heals You,” “How Body Positivity Can Lead to Better Health,” & “How to Start Therapy,” there is surely an episode that will spark your interest.

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