Behind The Scenes Look at the ANOVÉ Skincare

No matter the age, color, or texture — it’s important to love the skin you’re in. Your skin goes through a lot, and it’s your duty to take care of it. There are plenty of beneficial ways to take care of your skin, like eating the right foods, exercising regularly, and nailing down the perfect skincare routine. The products you use in your skincare routine are pivotal to achieving that beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin we all want. That’s why using an all-inclusive and clean brand like ANOVÉ skincare can treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated. Read on to hear more about how ANOVÉ skincare came to be and how to be confident in the skin that you’re in!

Evonna Kuehner

After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in STS (focused on Product Design) and a successful career in program management, Evonna Kuehner was determined to bring more diversity and inclusivity to the skin care market. Her academic and professional background, partnered with her years of research, led to the creation of ANOVÉ, a line of indulgent, plant-based products crafted for you to “live your best skin” regardless of your skin tone, type, or concern.

What sparked your interest in the beauty industry?

It was my personal passion for beauty and skincare that initially sparked my interest. My background is in product design and development, but not necessarily skincare. I was fascinated by learning the ins and outs of how to care for your skin, what causes certain skin\conditions, and how plant-based ingredients can completely transform your skin from the inside out.

What makes Anové different from other natural skincare products?

First and foremost, our brand seeks to provide consciously crafted luxury skincare for all skin types and tones. ANOVÉ believes in inclusivity with regard to whom products are created for, as well as who they are created by. We are a clean beauty brand and this is something we take very seriously in every part of our business operations. We pay a great amount of attention to each step of our development and packaging process. Outside of a clean formula, our bottles and jars go through a rigorous three-step cleaning process which ensures the highest quality
products make it to our customers to enjoy safely.

How do you stay inspired?

I am always inspired and motivated by my kids! Also, the customers who have become a part of the ANOVÉ family inspire me. In such a crowded market, there are many other options that customers can choose when shopping for skincare so I am truly grateful for those who choose us over and over again. My customers’ loyalty and support are what inspire me to bring my best every single day and make sure that the products we create and the business we conduct uphold our values of clean, inclusive beauty.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your business?

That entrepreneurship is a winding road. There is no definitive timeline on when you will reach certain milestones and sometimes things don’t go as planned, or work out the way you hoped they would. Building a business is all about planting seeds and being prepared for those seeds to bear fruit in their own timing.

What do you hope to inspire others?

I hope to inspire others to go for it, whatever “it” may be for them. Any opportunity or idea that excites you that you can’t stop thinking about is worth pursuing. Even if that means baby steps at first and just researching the viability of your idea or seeing what has already been done. It is very unlikely that you will regret pursuing something that you have a passion for or that brings you joy. On the flip side if you don’t go for it, those “what if” thoughts may haunt you.

What is your favorite product and why?

The Perfecting Oil will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first product I ever created way back in 2012 and it’s been one of our top-selling products since the very beginning. It’s such a sensory experience. Not only does my skin feel amazing when I’m applying it, but the scent is divine. I feel like an absolute goddess when I use it, which is how I want everyone to feel!

How can we best support you?

Customer feedback and referrals are always helpful! If you try our products we’d love to know what you thought and if there’s anything that could have gone better for you (customer service, packaging, shipping speed, etc). Also, if there’s a product or multiple products that you absolutely fell in love with, tell all your friends and family members so they can have an amazing experience also!

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