9 Industry Brands That Are Changing the Game

It’s arguably one of the biggest days of your life (as if there wasn’t enough pressure around weddings already,) and there is no doubt it can seemingly be tough to navigate your way through the wedding industry! From venues to planners to stationery, and everything in between, we are looking into the industry brands that are changing the game. We’re here to streamline the process, save you the headaches, and keep you on track!

9 Industry Brands That Are Changing the Game - Inspired by This
Photo by Sanaz Photography, Stationery by Lily & Roe Co

A Good Affair

Take one look at their Instagram and you’ll be convinced that everything they simply touch turns into gold. In their words “To us, a party is just another excuse to flex our creativity and fashion an event that is dressed to impress.” I mean, can you relate or what?! Follow along for all of the amazing #regrams that could come out of it, but also to be continuously inspired by their next-level talent in event design!

Here Comes the Guide

It goes without saying that we will always be inspired by women ran and operated companies, and this one is no exception to the rule! Here Comes the Guide breaks down allll the venue options, including a detailed list of everything you need to know, especially if you’re looking to get married at a rad unconventional and non-traditional venue, which is so 2020, right?

Colette’s Catering

The thing about Colette’s Catering is that they have a real passion for food, which we can obviously totally relate to. They have seasonal and locally sourced menus, and we have truly never tried a bite of something that they’ve created and not thoroughly savored it. Three keywords that you’ll want to relay: Fried Goat Cheese. Drooling.


Want those Instagram-worthy floral arrangements and installations (who doesn’t) without completely going haywire on your budget? Bloominous is giving DIY a whole new definition, allowing you to choose pre-designed floral collections that are outside your typical white roses and hydrangeas for something that will be truly show-stopping!

Generation Tux

There’s some things in life that just make sense, and renting your tux for your wedding is one of them. Yes, it’s a special day, but it’s exactly that. One day. Renting a tux allows you to cut costs without having to cut out top-tier style and design. Plus, grooms, if you have 5 groomsmen also rent a tux, yours is free! Cha-ching.

Hutton Brickyards

Remember when we mentioned unconventional and non-traditional wedding venues? Hello, this is one of them. Located right on the iconic Hudson River and less than two hours from NYC, this venue serves as the perfect historic and industrial space to let your creativity run wild.

Prim & Pixie

Their motto is “first impressions matter” and if that ain’t the truth than I don’t know what is! Prim & Pixie started as a graphic design studio and has evolved into an entire team of creatives designing invitation suites, signage, decals, escort card displays, and everything you could ever need. They brainstorm some of the most creative designs we’ve ever seen AND will present them to you in the most organized proofs. Every type-A’s dream 😉

Vanderwende Acres

Not only is Vanderwende Acres one of the top-tier Delaware venues, it’s arguably the best in the state. The Vanderwende family poured some love into this 1930’s dairy farm in Seaford Delaware and transformed it into the dreamy venue that it is today. With acres upon acres of scenic farmland views, the space leaves endless room for creative freedom. Every planners dream!

Thirsty Nest

This might just be our best-kept secret for the modern couple! Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for couple’s to have a lot of the traditional registry items already in their homes before officially tying the knot. Hence, we bring you the first wine + spirits registry for those that want to amp up their at-home bar. Wine fridges, decanters, top-shelf spirits, you name it, they’ve got it and we’re adding it all to our list!

Now that your well versed in our favorite industry brands that are changing the game, we want to hear yours! And if you’re looking for more wedding tips, check out Things Wedding Experts Say They’d Want to Receive as Favors.


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