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Dec 28, 2010

Inspired by The Best of 2010: Our Inspiration Round up

We’ve had so much fun this year bringing everyone our favorite wedding inspiration and these are the best of 2010! We couldn’t help but chose some of our office’s favorites! What have been some of yours?!

Lauren’s pick for favorite inspiration: Glowing Photos!

Photo by Jessica Johnston

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Leigh Miller

Leila’s pick for favorite inspiration: Confetti!

Photo by Sean Flanigan

Photo by Brooke Schwab

Photo by Wai Reyes

Photo by Brooke Schwab Photography

Ashley’s pick for favorite inspiration: Mix and Match Bridesmaids!

Photo by Heather P. Moore

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by Max Wanger

Photo by Max Wanger

  • What an honor to appear on this incredible 2010 recap! Ur the best Leila!!!!

  • Wow, I am beyond ecstatic to be included in this amazing list! Such an honor! Thank you, Leila!

  • thank you so much! i really appreciate it. happy new year 🙂

  • love them all!! especially confetti…yay!

  • Zoe

    Those photographs are simply gorgeous and I love the idea of mix and match bridesmaids.

  • Sloane

    OBSESSED WITH THE VINTAGE BRIDESMAID DRESSES!!!! Any ideas where they’re from?!

  • Elle

    Can’t wait for more inspirations in the new year!! you always keep us guessing!

  • Darcy

    Loved the Bridesmaids dresses post!! So many great ideas!

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