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Sep 03, 2009

Inspired by Camelback Flowershop

Teresa from Camelback Flowershop is a fantastically talented and fabulous woman. She is extremely warm and upbeat which are two things one could only hope every wedding vendor was.  Teresa has been in the “luxury wedding industry”  now for over 10 years. She started Camelback Flowershop eight years ago, with a  thorough background in Fine Art.  Teresa has a unique eye in the wedding industry and says, “most of  my insight for wedding design, specifically in florals, is influenced by and through art and the history of the artists themselves.  I have an affection for all things outre, venerable, creaky and antediluvian. To say that I am entertained by violating convention and propriety would be, well, completely true.” From that I interpret, that Teresa is both very honest and self aware and at heart a true artist.

The photo shoot below was inspired by Edward Gorey. In Teresa’s words,” The florals represent the darker side of Gorey’s art by using flowers like chocolate cosmos, port cymbidiums, plum scabiosas, cobra lilies, and barn wheat. To bring out the feminine, yet howling slant, I added snowberries, alabaster peony tulips and three shades of magenta foot ware (again, tipping my hat to the outre). And of course you cannot escape Gorey’s trademark crosshatch…enter tangly black and white grosgrain.”  The amount of thought and the translation of all of these elements, is so me completely impressive and inspiring.   Milena Seffrovich photographed everything below. Teresa also offered us this insight on her team and how she feels about her work, “with my shrewd design team: Jessica, Annie, and Maria, are always more than game for my “bats in the belfry” conceptions. They have this brilliant way of making my work vivid and ethereal. They are also both genuinely inventive and witty, which always adds to these excursions, ridiculous tomfoolery. Engaging with my community, intelligent banter, and inventing new art…what better way to spend one’s existence? ”

Camelback Flowershop makes me want to be reincarnated as a fabulous artist! I am so inspired by all that they put into their work and the wonderful concepts they weave seamlessly into beautiful arrangements! Thank you so much ladies for sharing your insight and beautiful work with us! You can check out more of their work here and follow Teresa on twitter!


Flowershop Color Swatch


Burgandy Cymbidium bouquet







  • Such great photos! Love the colors, textures, and details!

  • Teresa at Camelback Flowershop is amazingly talented and so kind! Love the Camelback Flowershop team!! Way to rock out the photoshoot T:) And awesome photos Milena!!

  • those fuchsia peeptoe platform heels are to die for

  • Love love love TERESA and love her work even more! If you don’t know her or her work…you are behind the times people! She is fabulous!!!

  • i ADORE the camelback flower shop girls! they are some of my kindred spirits 🙂 wish we lived closer!

  • Wow. You ladies are brilliant! I am completely addicted to your blog! Leila, Kellee and Brittney are a powerhouse team, not to mention, gorgeous! Thank you for featuring me!

  • Cool looking blog, can I ask you what template you are running and how much it costs? I’ve been using free ones but can’t locate one that I really like.

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