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Oct 06, 2017

How to Mix up Your Beauty Routine for Fall

Summer has officially come to an end and as sad as we are to see it go, we are ready for some cooler temps, chai lattes, and cozy sweaters! One thing that gets us ladies really excited at the start of new seasons is switching up our beauty routine (any excuse to buy that lip color you’ve had your eye on, right?!). Here’s what we’re adding to our glam cabinet and beauty routine for fall.

Mix up Your Beauty Routine for Fall
Photo via Gal Meets Glam

Change up your moisturizer

In the summer we tend to stick to a light tinted moisturizer due to the humidity and days spent in the sun, but it’s important to add more moisture once the cooler months roll around. Although we always try to be extra careful in the summer, we tend to see a little bit of discoloration due to all the time soaking up the rays. So, choose a moisturizer that corrects and hydrates for the best results!

Add in oils

Depending on your skin type, the idea of adding oil to your skincare routine can be a scary thought. We want to make sure we take anything that dries our skin out of our routine, and facial oil is the perfect replacement. Our favorites include organic rosehip oil and Jojoba Oil. They’re ultra moisturizing and you will notice a difference!

Switch to matte

We tend to have fun with our eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks in the summer, choosing hues that have a bit of a shimmer to them. However, when fall hits, it’s time to put those glimmering shades away for a bit. This is a great time of the year to choose shades that are a little richer in color, and matte formulas will make it stand out even more! We’re talking shadows, lipsticks, and cheek color too. 

Mix up Your Beauty Routine for Fall
Photo via M Loves M


In addition to moisturizing, properly exfoliating goes right along with that! We’re big fans of not only exfoliating our skin, but also our lips. In order for all of these new lipsticks to look their best, it’s important to scrub off all the dead and damaged skin that was a result of summer! There are all kinds of amazing DIY sugar scrubs that are so easy and inexpensive – and make for a fun girls night in activity!

Deep condition

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re often not styling our hair daily in the summer (hello beach waves!). During the fall and winter months, however, we tend to blow dry and use hot tools on our hair much more often. So, it’s extra important to take care of our hair. Add a weekly deep conditioning treatment into your routine so ensure your pretty locks are also getting all the love!

Mix up Your Beauty Routine for Fall
Photo via Katlyn Noelle

Update your color palette

We tend to gravitate towards jewel tones in the Fall due to how well they compliment every skin tone, especially when it comes to nail polishes and lipsticks! We also love to take an eyeshadow in mauve, dark brown, or gray and swipe a little bit underneath our lower lash line for a little extra glam! This palette is full of pretty shades we can’t wait to try!

What are your favorite ways to transition your beauty game in the Fall?


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