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Jan 05, 2018

How This New Mom is Conquering Anxiety

Sometimes (often times), we could use a little encouragement from our peers, and from fellow moms, which is why we love to share their stories! A few months ago we were honored to share Maria Doka’s maternity session, and now that baby is here, she’s gracing us with her own words of wisdom. Below, she opens up about fear and anxiety and how her daughter plays a role in overcoming them. You will love reading how this new mom is conquering anxiety and facing the common struggles of motherhood. Plus, the photos of her newborn baby girl couldn’t be sweeter!!

Each & every one of us has a story – A unique & beautiful story. A unique & so so different story… Here’s a little bit of mine!

For years I’ve battled with something that may be familiar and relatable to some of you… That “thing” is anxiety. I used to cringe to even have to say or write down that word. But now finally, there’s peace. Yes, I said it, peace! Some of you may think I’m crazy or even lying to even say such a thing… But I’m not. I’m not downplaying anxiety either. I absolutely know that Anxiety is a serious condition but I promise you it’s not something you have to be a slave to. Like I mentioned earlier, we all have such unique and different story. We are all wired completely different from one person to the next, but somehow we all have experienced something that is the same for us all, love. We all have that desire and that space in our hearts for love. A deep and perfect love. And that unconditional + eternal love is God.

Once my faith deepened and grew I slowly but surely became free of this crippling condition. And once I became a mother I began to live for something greater than myself, my sweet daughter. She has brought out the best in me! Truly. Yes, I gave her life… But really, she gave me mine. Becoming a mother has allowed me to be selfless. There’s no greater love than the love that you have for your child – which is a beautiful thing that reflects the love that God has for us. Sometimes my heart just explodes with joy when I look back at my life and where I was to where I am now. You see, I have a purpose. I always had a purpose! And I want to encourage you today and let you know that YOU have a purpose. A beautiful beautiful purpose in this life!

If there’s anything that this article brings to someone, I really hope that it’s encouragement and that it’s purpose. I hope that this reminds someone today that they have a unique one of a kind worth and that they are conquerors. Anxiety does not define you. Fear does not define you. Remember, even in those tough & dark moments, there is beauty. Seek and find that beauty… Every day! Never give up and know that you’re a conqueror.

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.”

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