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Jul 13, 2016

L.A.’s Best Coffee Shops

Calling all coffee addicts (Don’t worry, we’re with you), this post is for you! Over here at IBT HQ, we believe coffee is a state of bean and we get quite depresso when we don’t have it. Puns aside, we truly enjoy a good cup of joe. Nothing can compare to inhaling the beautiful aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning. And did we mention that first sip? Like a dream. Yes, we may be a little caffeine dependent, but we are not complaining, because L.A. has become the host to some of California’s finest specialty coffee joints – much to our joy. Now, sit back, relax and sip on a hot cup of coffee while you scroll through our must-visit L.A. coffee shops.

Graffiti Sublime Coffee

If you’re looking to improve your Instagram aesthetic, this is the place for you. Seriously, this place is an interior designer’s dream. But it isn’t for the faint of heart. Once you get past the hefty list of rules plastered on their door, which excludes outside food or beverages and only allows guests 18 years or older, you enter an all-white oasis with black and white modern décor, booth seating, paintings all over the walls and even a fireplace. Don’t be fooled if you think you have been transported to the MOCA. We swear by their iced sister midnight, a ganache mocha shaken with two shots of espresso over ice with a choice of milk. This is our fave place to go when we need to get work done, because it is serene and quiet enough where we can focus.

A great workspace #graffiticoffee #LA

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Verve Coffee Roasters

We think the Fresh Prince of Bel Air should have been saying, verve instead of swerve, because this coffee joint is fresher than any place we have visited in a while. The Santa Cruz-based coffee shop now has locations on Melrose Avenue, W. 3rd Street and in Downtown L.A. And we could not be happier. We love its sleek, warehouse-esque interior, with plenty of bench seating and industrial lighting. And they’ve partnered with one of our favorite juiceries, Juice Served Here, so there could be no better combination. Our pick? The tres leches cappuccino or the juice flight. And the best part is we can take home a bag of their very own specialty roasted coffee beans. So, there’s no distress when we realize that we can wake up to our favorite coffee in the morning.

Coffee + Juice. ️ ☕️ + 🍒 #keepitsimplesunday c/o @monichang

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Dinosaur Coffee

You know a coffee shop will be a winner when one of the co-owners is Ben Hantoot, one of the designers of Cards Against Humanity. Well, this husband and wife team surpassed our expectations. With a dinosaur-inspired woodsy and bright interior comes the brilliance of Silver Lake’s inviting and hipster-friendly coffee joint. We cannot get enough of their coffee beans, from San Fran’s Four Barrel Coffee Roasters, and their pastries, that are delivered daily from Farmshop. If we need a little affirmation after a latte, all we have to do is travel to the back of the shop to find a pink neon “Things will be fine” sign that provides us with some afternoon encouragement. And did we mention the beautiful, handmade ceramic mugs made by the same guy who crafts them for Nobu? Talk about amazing drink ware.

A sign that speaks directly to me after I get my coffee ☕️ love finding new LA gems💗✨

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Go Get Em Tiger

From espresso milkshakes to their famous almond macadamia lattes, this vibrant Larchmont coffee bar offers both community and an unbeatable caffeine fix. However, we wouldn’t expect anything less of owners, Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski, former Intelligentsia Coffee gurus. The ambiance is unbeatable with a low-key, comfortable vibe that is hard to find in a city that boasts stardom and success. Just hang out and socialize at the bar; no need to rush and find a table. Yet, its aesthetic is eclectic, with white-washed walls and the outline of an astronaut flying over its coffee bar. And we love how the company commits to reducing disposables. So, don’t be surprised if they ask if you want your coffee to go in a glass jar.

Our Favorite L.A. Coffee Shops - Inspired by This

Alred Coffee + Kitchen

This iconic coffee shop takes Instagrammable coffee to the next level. Just search #butfirstcoffee on social media and you will immediately encounter a plethora of eclectic coffee sleeves, mustaches, floral wallpaper and colorful art deco. And we, simply, cannot resist. Our go-to? An Americano (made with Stumptown coffee beans) with almond milk or, if we are feeling fancy, the so-called “Alfred cone” aka a chocolate-dipped waffle coffee cup filled with an espresso or macchiato. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that its new sister store, Alfred Tea Room (which happens to be swimming in shades of pink), just opened up around the corner from its Melrose location. #TeaYesYouMaybe, the tea room’s catchy slogan, epitomizes our feelings to a tea.

Our Favorite L.A. Coffee Shops - Inspired by This


  • Kristy

    As a caffeine addict myself, I cannot wait to try some of these!

  • Gina

    definitely trying all of these out eventually!

  • Chanel

    Added to my list!

  • Katie S

    These all look so great! Thanks so much for the tips IBTGirls!

  • Jackie

    This is the perfect list! Can’t wait to check all of these out.

  • I have some of these on my 101 in 1001 list! Now I just have to get to LA…

  • Molly

    Alfreds is my fave!!

    • The IBT girls too! We love everything about it and their coffee is ridiculously addicting!

  • Mila

    Yum I can’t wait to go!

  • Lacey

    I’ve only tried 3 of these – time to knock off the other two!

    • Yes! Please do! Let us know what you think! And take some cute coffee instas too!

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  • Alyssa

    Coffee!? Sign me up!

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