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Jan 06, 2016

The Props You Need to Style The Perfect Instagram

Instagram styling is alllll the rage right now, but it’s not as easy as it looks! Thankfully, we’re here to help. 🙂 We’re sharing the props you need to style the perfect image for Instagram!

1. Flowers

Everyone loves flowers, and everyone “likes” flowers on Instagram! Real blooms are always gorgeous, but they aren’t cheap and don’t ever last as long as we would like! We use faux silk flowers, because we like having a variety of shapesand sizes and being able to use them for multiple pictures! Our favorites are peonies (obvs), garden roses, and dahlias!

How to Style the Perfect Instagram - Inspired by This

2. A cute coffee mug

We have waaaaay too many coffee mugs in our office, but we can’t resist getting more when we see new cute designs! We love patterns, gold details, and fun quotes! They’re the perfect addition to a cute morning Instagram post!

How to Style the Perfect Instagram - Inspired by This

3. Confetti!

A sprinkle of gold or pink confetti is a great way to help fill space, and make your pictures look bright and fun! We love our colorful pink and orange tissue paper confetti from The Flair Exchange!

4. Office accessories

Fun desk accessories can make all the difference when you’re styling an Instagram! Scissors, notebooks, tape dispensers – we have it all! Some of our most favorite pieces are from Lulu & Georgia and the Nate Berkus for Target collection!

How to Style the Perfect Instagram - Inspired by This

5. A fresh manicure!

A chipped manicure is one of the fastest way to ruin an Instagram! Our nails aren’t always perfect, but we do always touch up any chips and make sure they’re clean before we snap any pics!

6. Good lighting

This is probably one of the most important elements when styling an Instagram! Bad lighting and unfortunate shadows can make your pictures look dark and unprofessional. We’ve been known to use everything from blankets to poster boards to make sure all of our styled pictures have even lighting!

How to Style the Perfect Instagram - Inspired by This



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