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May 10, 2016

Girl Boss Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

  • Name: Joy Cho
  • Company: Oh Joy!
  • Title: Designer & Blogger
  • City: Los Angeles, California
  • Kids: Ruby & Coco

Joy Cho has become a household name with her bright, colorful, and inspiring Oh Joy! for Target collections and brand personality. She is mommy to two little girls, and boss lady at Oh Joy!, so who better to ask where she finds creative inspiration… and the cutest baby clothes?! In 5 quick questions, we hope you get a peek into this girl boss’s life & career.

NO. 01

When did you know you wanted to make your love for graphic design a career?

I always loved making things as a kid and wanted to be able to create things as an adult too. Graphic design seemed like a creative career that and also had lots of job prospects. So I went to college for graphic design and started my career as a designer in New York for a boutique ad agency.

From there, my design work evolved into product design and textile design as my interests changed and grew.

Girl Boss Joy Cho of Oh Joy! - Inspired by This

NO. 02

We know there are soo many to choose from, but what is your all time favorite project?

I think every year our product lines get better and better so I’m definitely loving all of our current products out at Target now. They really tap into some of my passion of bringing joy into everyday life by offering items for home décor and baby!

NO. 03

Your work is -pun intended - full of joy! Where do you look for new and exciting inspiration?

I draw inspiration everywhere I go, but mostly I focus on what draws me in — whether that’s an eye-catching storefront, a delicious meal, or a new place I visit. I am constantly trying to expose myself to new experiences so there is a constant flow of ideas or projects that will inspire others as well.

NO. 04

Favorite activity to do with your daughters:

My main thing is being present and enjoying the simple, everyday things. Yes, great big travel adventures are fun. But nothing is better than actually being there with my kids during simple moments.  We love things like going to the farmer’s market and having picnics in the park.

Girl Boss Joy Cho of Oh Joy! - Inspired by This

NO. 05

We love your #OhJoyDressingTheBabe series - too cute! What are your favorite shops for baby/kids clothes?

Oh there are so many good independent brands out there right now! For fashion pieces, I love Crew & Lu, for great custom prints, Thief & Bandit, for great basics, June & January. For shoes, I love Zuzii and Freshly Picked. And then for more affordable, everyday pieces, Target is my fave of course. And Zara also has some great kids clothing as well.

For an adventure in the desert! #OhJoyDressingTheBabe

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