The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts In 2023

Simple and functional gifts are what all moms desire. Today on the blog, we’re giving you practical gifts to *ahem* pass along to your significant other, and/or purchase for the special women in your life that you’ll be seeing in the month of May. From jewelry, to kitchen accessories, to practical everyday use items, these are truly the 10 best mother’s day gifts in 2023. While we’re here giving you tips, here’s another one – never underestimate the value of a sentimental handwritten card with your Mother’s Day gifts. It will mean more to her than you can imagine! Now, get to scrolling and order your favorites from our list ASAP.

: Akua Sonic Jewlery Cleaner

There’s a reason this is number one on the list. Bringing your jewelry to the cleaners is something that every woman puts off. We are all attending endless events. Having this on hand will be useful more times than we can count, which is why we think it’s a necessity.

: Kitchen Utensil Holder

How cute is the checkered pattern on this hand crafted kitchen accessory? There are a variety of checkered colors, so it’s sure to be a good fit aesthetically in your kitchen. It truly is the perfect gift for anyone!

: Jumbo Tote

This bag is translated to ‘I love you, mom’. We all know that you can never have enough bags! This is the perfect size for transporting all of the water bottles, kids snacks, or even your own necessities when you are running to and from activities.

: Lululemon Define Jacket

A jacket that is slimming, comfortable and functional is hard to come by. But, this one is it! Watch out, you might just want one in every color.

: 2-in-1 Hair Dryer & Blow Out Brush

Feeling pampered without going to the salon is the ultimate dream, especially for busy mamas. That’s why we use this 2-in-1 Hair Dryer/Blow out brush combo daily!

: Coin Clutch

The perfect little addition for on the go! Stash away your cash, bobby pins, lipstick, or receipts. There are so many different patterns and colors, it’s hard to choose just one.

: Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe

You will feel like you’re at the spa in this bamboo bathrobe. It has this luxury softness, that will make you feel relaxed the second you put it on. Draw yourself a bath, give yourself an at home facial and put on this robe for the perfect de-stressing night.

: Becket & Quill Jewelry

Stacking jewelry is still in and we are here for it. Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, we guarantee you will find something you love with Becket & Quill jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, they have it all. Even better, is that they have a 20% off Mother’s Day sale going on!

: Perfect Pot

When was the last time you purchased a new pan or pot for your kitchen? Trust us when we say that you need this 8-in-1 family sized stovetop-to-oven non stick pot in your life.

: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This is the bag that EVERY woman needs. It’s essential for running the everyday errands. Imagine having your hands free, yet having everything you need strapped right in front (or behind) you. Your chapstick, phone, sunglasses, ear pods, keys and a few other things fit perfectly in this bag. Almost all of our editors have them, and we don’t go anywhere without it!

Maybe you don’t like receiving physical gifts, and that’s okay! Other Mother’s Day gifts we love are gift cards. Here is a list of some of the best gift cards every mom would love to receive : a spa day, a deep car detail, shopping spree, or a ‘solo night at a hotel’ – no kids, no cooking, no worries.

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