5 Habits to Enable a Good Morning

Sometimes waking up can be a struggle, especially when that alarm clock goes off earlier than you’d like it to. That’s why creating habits to enable a good morning are so important! Your morning sets the tone for your entire day. When you create habits for a good morning, you are setting your day up for success. We believe it is important to cultivate the life you want and that starts with prioritizing healthy morning habits! Today on the blog, we are sharing our top 5 habits to enable a good morning with you! It starts the second your head hits the pillow for a good night’s rest!

A Good Night’s Rest

Did you know that 7-9 hours is the recommended healthy amount of sleep for adults? A lot of people don’t consider the quantity and quality of their sleep to be a contributing factor of their mornings, but it is! Sleep is an important part of your health and wellness. It gives you energy, a clear mind, and even contributes to your internal well being. You may need to encourage a little self discipline for an earlier bedtime, or cozy up your bed to make this happen, but you will certainly thank yourself once you’ve developed good habits!

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Invest in a Quality Alarm Clock

When you think of an alarm clock, you think of a loud ringing in the morning, right? Well what if we told you there is a better option to waking up peacefully! The Hatch alarm clock is a popular smart sound machine alarm clock. Some of the features include calming guided meditations to help you fall asleep, over 25 sounds for a peaceful wake-up call, and more than 20 light options to mimic the morning’s sunrise. Investing in a quality alarm clock that has settings to fit your personalized needs is easily accessible and highly reccomended!

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No Phones or Screens

We can all admit that when we wake up, we reach right for our phones. We feel the need to check up on our internet world, or catch up on any messages we may have missed while we were asleep. Checking our phones first thing can cause stress and anxiety. Our mornings set the tone for our day. If we read a message, email, or see a post that sparks an unhappy emotion, we will carry it with us the whole morning and it will disrupt our mood for the day. Instead of reaching for your phone, pick up a book, devotional, or your kindle to wake up your brain in a positive way, first thing!

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Morning Movement

Movement is a crucial key to a good morning. After being asleep for the recommended 7-9 hours (wink wink), you’ll definitely want to get a little movement in before you get your day up and running. For some people, this may be a morning walk, an early pilates class, or rolling out your yoga mat for some light stretching. Movement looks different for everyone and any form is valid! You do what feels best for you.

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Filling Breakfast

Food is energy! It powers your brain all day long. A good morning is fueled by a filling breakfast. Let yourself recharge by starting your day a healthy, nutrient dense meal. It’s important to replenish the nutrients lost while you were asleep. This will allow you to have a more energetic morning. Whether you look to pinterest for health meal options, or you run to your local coffee shop for an oat latte + breakfast sandwich, a fulfilling breakfast is a must for the big day ahead!

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We know a lot of people start their day with a hot drink of some sort, so we want to share some healthy additions to your morning cup of goodness with you!