9 Instagram-Worthy Specialty Coffee Shops in LA

Los Angeles is famous for many reasons, we have The Dodgers, great beaches, rich history, and AMAZING coffee. Yup, we said it we love coffee that is not only tasty but also Instagram-worthy. If you are a LA local maybe this list will inspire you to go check out these shops and help support small businesses in the midst of a pandemic. If you are not in LA then we recommend bookmarking this article and saving it for the next time you visit the city of angels, because trust us, these are the best of the best in the area. If you are not a specialty coffee snob then, not to worry the ambiance in the shops are reason enough to visit, scroll on to see what we are talking about.

.01 – The Palm Coffee Bar

.02 – The Boy and the Bear

Image via @theboyandthebearco

.03 – Dayglow

Image via @coffeefornoobs

.04 – Go Get Em Tiger

Image via @ggetla

.05 – Eightfold

Image via @eightfoldcoffee

.06- Mantra Coffee

Image via @carmen.silva

.07 – Kumquat Coffee

Image via @kumquat

.08 – Coffee for Sasquatch

Image via @twithaj

.09 – Hi-Fi Espresso

Image via @coffeefornoobs

Did we miss any specialty coffee shops in LA that are worth visiting?! Let us know in the comments below!

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