Etch Design Group’s Colorful Interior Design Office

We all know it by now. Productivity stems from loving the space you’re working in. Etch Design Group has got that covered! This colorful interior design office is any creative worker’s dream. Imagine spending your work day surrounded by bright colors that, with just a glance, radiate energy. Not to mention wallpaper that almost makes you feel like you’re in an art gallery. The days of gray walls and basic furniture are gone! The place you spend the most time should also feel like one of the best. Don’t know how to make that happen? Take a note from Etch Design Group’s spectacular and colorful interior design office!

Etch Design Group was bursting at the seams in their previous office space–5 desks crammed into one tiny room without any natural light felt like they were working in a dungeon. Not to mention one sample room that was literally overflowing with tile, fabrics and wood samples. They had grown so rapidly, and it was apparent that the momentum was not slowing down. They needed room to spread out, but also space to expand their sample library, meet with clients and not feel like they were working on top of each other.

This space allows the team the flexibility to design within two sample rooms, one for fabric and one for hard surfaces such as tile. It also provides two additional rooms for layouts and design scheming sessions. At the entrance to the office, the design team collaborates in an open floor plan with LOTS of natural light and direct access to the conference room. In terms of inspiration, it’s a space that inspires creative thinking, which was the intention from its inception.

Love your space! Take advantage of modern interior design trends and create what makes you happiest. Imagine working in an office like this all of the time! That would surely brighten anyone’s mood. Etch Design Group has the key to a colorful interior design office, and we are taking notes!

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