A Blush Pink Equestrian-Themed Baby Shower

Gather ’round, fellow horse enthusiasts! It’s time to celebrate the imminent arrival of a precious new addition to our herd. With hooves poised and hearts brimming with joy, we invite you to gallop into a whimsical world of wonder as we celebrate the miracle of new life. Saddle up for an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, love, and a sprinkle of timeless allure at this Blush Pink Equestrian-Themed Baby Shower. Let the hoofbeats of anticipation lead us to an enchanting gathering where dreams of tiny boots and miniature saddles come to life. Welcome to the Equestrian Baby Shower!

The planner, Natalie Good, of A Good Affair shares,

“As a professional designer and planner, I feel blessed that I have the privilege to work with so many wonderful clients and bring their special events to life. A huge perk to my job is when a client turns into a friend, and in the case of Erin, a best friend. I did Erin and Matt’s wedding at, The Resort at Pelican Hill, 12 years ago. We worked together planning their big day for over a year and a half. By the time the wedding rolled around, no one could believe we hadn’t been friends for many years. We just had this instant connection that you are lucky to find a few times in your life.”

The planner continues,

“When it came time for my best friend to become a Mama, you better believe I was going to throw her an amazing shower. Her mom and I set out to bring to life something that embodied the first love of her life- horses. Erin has been an equestrian all of her life and has a deep love for her horse, Milton. I wanted the shower to be feminine and sweet with vintage equestrian touches. From the toile dessert backdrop, to the vintage rocking horses, every element had the perfect horse and baby girl touches.

Myself, along with 80 ladies, were thrilled to shower Erin with blessings for this long awaited baby. Erin has had quite the journey. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 27, she has gone through so much to fight off cancer and WIN! Along the way, she and Matt knew that they would need to use a surrogate to grow their family. One of the highlights of the shower was having their wonderful surrogate, Danielle, Facetime for all of us to cheer her on and thank her for the blessing that she was for Erin and Matt. The day was filled with beauty, joy, heartfelt toasts, and memories that I will never forget.”

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