The Ultimate Full Body Workout

We all know what comes with January and a new year…resolutions. We’ve tried them all. Eat healthier, work on time management, and what seems to be the most popular: lose weight. The problem with all of these is that they lack specificity. How do I do any of those things from scratch? We’re here to help. This year, instead of the overdone explanation of weight loss, we’re looking for strength. Feeling strong in your skin physically can positively impact you mentally and emotionally as well. It feels like a three-in-one deal to us. To find strength, it is also important to find how to make this happen effectively. There are so many types of exercise, and it’s pretty obvious to all of us by now that when experts say spot reduction does not work…they mean it. That being said, we want to give insight into the ultimate full-body workout. We’ve broken it down into the four key kinds of exercise for a strong body. Taking all of these into everyday workouts will finally give those resolutions some support. Frankly, we’re always looking for new reasons to go shopping for workout apparel 

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Aerobic Exercises  

The exercises we love to hate. Aerobic exercises are so important in getting your body moving and picking up that heart rate. We all know we love to choose the elevator over the stairs…after some of these workouts that choice will change. There’re so many options: running, walking, swimming, cycling, and even dancing. Go get that groove on.  

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Strength Training

Now we’ve talked a lot about strength, so it would seem obvious that strength training is a really important part of any workout. This is all about muscle. Building muscle can provide a variety of positive impacts to your body including improving posture and even stress release. Sign me up. Squats, push-ups, lunges, Pilates, and anything including a resistance band are all ways to incorporate strength training.  

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What may seem like the part of the workout we look forward to because it means the real stuff is over is really an essential part to developing strength. Stretching can increase our flexibility dramatically. By increasing flexibility, our muscles and tendons are less likely to shorten and cause more problems later on. The perfect way to incorporate stretching is to put both dynamic and static stretches into every workout.  

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 Balance Exercises

Balance exercises can make all of the previous parts of a workout even more effective. By being steady on your feet it allows for more mobility and a desire to try more exercises you did not think were possible. Yoga is the first thought that comes to our minds when thinking of amazing ways to work on balance. It could even bring some peace of mind as well.  

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Here we have the four main components of a full-body workout that will bring strength to anyone that chooses to try it out. This year, we’re sticking to our resolutions and helping others do the same with obtainable goals that will leave us feeling accomplished. Love your body in new ways!  

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