Diamonds are a girl’s best friend–it’s a tale as old as time. They are meaningful, irreplaceable, and no two are exactly alike. So… what if we told you that there’s a precious stone out there that gives rarity a whole new meaning? Enter: Salt and Pepper Diamonds.

Let’s start with their beginnings, shall we? 100 miles below the earth’s surface, a combination of high pressure and high temperature produces beautiful, glimmering diamonds. As volcanic eruptions rapidly push these diamonds towards the surface of the earth, a salt and pepper diamond is born when pure carbon atoms materialize in the stone during their trip up. 

The result is a glimmering diamond stone with a punch of speckled personality. 

While Salt and Pepper diamonds can be mined, our friends at Kristin Coffin create lab grown salt and pepper diamonds that offer a clear-conscious guarantee! These shimmering stones are identical to mined diamonds– and just as stunning! The list could go on about why these beauties are turning heads, but we’ll start here: they’re less expensive than a pure white diamond, yet they’re more rare due to their carbon inclusions. Major heart-eyes. Not only that, but they’re versatile to the max. Salt and pepper diamonds suit anyone from the minimalist bride-to-be, to the maximalist fashionista looking to add some flair to their wardrobe.Kristin Coffin brings new meaning to heirlooms with these vintage-inspired salt and pepper engagement ring designs. We’re rounding up our favorite designs that are sure to inspire every style! Read on to see the lab grown salt and pepper rings that we can’t stop eyeing.

For The ‘Double-Take’ Kind of Statement Piece 


But seriously- these beauties are the “made you look twice” kind of rings. Widely celebrated as unique, rare, and edgy, their hexagon rose-cut offers a unique flair on the modern day engagement ring. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to have a statement heirloom piece for years to come.

On top of the Asteria ring’s eye-catching design, Kristin Coffin’s Salt and Pepper diamonds are nothing short of extraordinary. By nature, these diamonds are truly one-of-a-kind– no two stones will ever possess the same pattern, each having its own unique characteristic and personality.

“The vintage-inspired Asteria makes a statement engagement ring or treat-yourself gift. Featuring a hexagon rose-cut salt + pepper diamond, accented by conflict-free mined or lab-grown diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are individually hand-cut, making each diamond a one-of-a-kind! We only have two of these diamonds, so snag one before they sell out!”

For The Subtle Stunner


Not too big, not too small, this midsized stunner makes for the perfect subtle statement on any finger. Its rose-cut design packs a punch, while salt and pepper detailing brings a touch of whimsy to each individual ring. 

Each of these salt and pepper diamonds are hand-cut and faceted, guaranteeing that no two diamonds are the same. With its promised rarity and subtle edge, Reyna is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a little more oomph to their everyday style.

“The vintage-inspired midsize Reyna makes a statement engagement ring or treat-yourself gift. Featuring a rose-cut salt + pepper diamond, accented by conflict-free Canadian mined or lab-grown diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are individually hand-cut, making each diamond a one-of-a-kind!”

For A Classic Look with a Twist


Is it an oval? Is it a solitaire? Look again–it’s Petra! Inspired by nature, the Petra ring’s leaf-inspired prong setting gives new meaning to the traditional solitaire design. Its pear shape, rose-cut gives an ode to the classics, while unique patterns of carbon flecking and crystalline inclusions add a hint of rustic beauty.

On top of the salt and pepper diamond’s individualistic character, we’re also drawn to its highly competitive price range. These stunning stones are marketed at a lower price than clear white diamonds of the same size! We can’t get over it. They’re an amazing option that packs the same coveted beauty into a more accessible price.

“The Petra’s leaf-inspired prong setting puts a unique twist on the classic solitaire design. Featuring a pear shape, rose-cut salt + pepper diamond, framed by conflict-free accent diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are individually hand-cut, making each diamond a one-of-a-kind!”

Tell me more, tell me more!

What makes salt and pepper diamonds so eccentric besides the color?

First off-yes, these are real, naturally occurring diamonds. They have a unique shape and size, unlike white diamonds. Along with their unique shape, each of them has its own natural patterning which means that no two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly the same.

What is the cost for salt and pepper rings?

They are typically more expensive than diamond alternatives, such as moissanite, but you’ll find that they are less expensive than a white diamond engagement ring.

What else should I know?

Rustic diamonds have their own standard for grading based on the different levels of rarity in each unique jewel. Because salt and pepper diamonds are a rare and natural phenomenon, they are inherently valuable.

Salt and pepper engagement rings are without a doubt a perfect and unique depiction of the love that you and your partner share for each other. We think that these dainty jewelry pieces pieces would pair perfectly with any unique ring from Kristin Coffin!

How did it all begin? 

Kristin began selling her designs in 2007 out of her studio apartment after studying metalsmithing. She quickly found that her dream of creating personalized and unique rings was something that many couples would pursue, leading her to grow her team. Kristin and her brand value traditions, environmentally-friendly approaches and authentic artisanship. Each ring they create is handcrafted in the United States, making it that much more personal and unique.

They take pride in creating each piece of jewelry to suit each person in their quest for the perfect ring. Though a ring is a long time tradition, Kristin and her team are anything but traditional. Each piece they design, they seek to put a modern spin on, by focusing on alternative stone options, unexpected designs and ethical sourcing.Kristin’s custom designs are fitting for anyone looking for a meaningful heirloom to add to their accessory collection. These rings are sure to compliment anyone’s everyday look, or pose as the perfect statement piece for any special occasion. We mean it when we say  Kristin Coffin’s lab grown diamonds are a girl’s best friend!