Baby Products Worth The Money

We’ve been through the baby stage a time, or 7 around here. So, it’s safe to say that we understand the hesitation and contemplation when it comes to baby products. But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned through having multiple kids, its which baby products are worth spending money on. Whether it’s because of quality (AKA passes the hand-me-down test), ingredients, or functionality, we’ve rounded up some of the best investments you can make during the first year of your baby’s life. 


Image via EZPZ

We love the feeding sets from EZPZ! Not only is silicone better for the environment and our health, but we also find it holds up over time much better than plastic. Our EZPZ pieces have been through thousands of dishwasher cycles, without fading or cracking or really showing any wear at all! We also love that their integrated mats make messy meal clean up a breeze.


Image via Ergobaby

Ergobaby is one of those tried and true brands that we bought for our first baby and were still using by the time we got to our third. Whether multiple kids is in your future, or not, Ergobaby’s products are absolutely worth the investement. We especially love the Omni carrier, which took us from infancy through toddlerhood. We’re also very excited to see that their Evolve High Chair is designed to take kids from first feedings to kids who are ready to help in the kitchen. Everything they make is created with endurance in mind!

Ready. Set. Food!

Image via Ready. Set. Food!

Food introduction has changed a lot since when we started having babies! Nowadays, pediatricians recommend introducing the high allergies foods right away. Don’t take our word for it though – always talk to your doctor first! To help make this process easy and less stressful, a group of doctors and parents created a 3-stage allergy introduction system. You can easily add their mix-ins to a bottle of formula or breastmilk. For moms on the go or first-time moms who are a little nervous about introducing allergies, this is a great purchase. 

Kyte Baby

Image via Kyte Baby

Sleep sacks are great for a number of reason – keeping baby warm and cozy, giving an important sleep cue and helping wayward toddlers from climbing out of their crib. We tried so.many.sleep sacks with our first few kids, and once we tried Kye Baby, there was no going back. They are incredibly soft, come in a variety of weights – so you can seasonally alternate, plus a large variety of sizes and *cute* colors and patterns.

Serenity Kids

Image via Serenity Kids

The evolution of pouches has been a wonder to watch over the past 10 years. They started out with only fruit blends, then started mixing in a few veggies with the fruits. Now, you can find pouches with only veggies or veggie/meat combos. We love that Serenity Kids pouches are all veggie and protein based. Personally, we find berries or bananas an easy food for our little ones to eat on the go. Squash, beets and beef? Not so much. The ability to grab a pouch that is packed with all the fiber, protein and nutrients kids need from these pouches is 100% worth it. 

Baby Brezza

Image via Baby Brezza

Baby Brezza is another brand whose products have lasted us through multiple kids. The Formula Prep was game-changing for quickly preparing forumla bottles in the middle of the night – think of it as a Keurig for babies. When our little ones were old enough to start purees, their Glass Food Prep Maker steamed and blended the food with one touch of a button. After hundreds of uses, we were still able to pass these machines on to friends and family in perfect working condition! 

Slumber Pod

Image via Slumber Pod

No matter how prepared you are, travel with kids always comes with a degree of stress. We’ve found over the years most of this stress is centered around sleep. Not being able to stick to your child’s nap and bedtime schedule plus new sleeping environments can contribute to lackluster sleep. The best hack we’ve found so far is the Slumber Pod. It’s a blackout tent that fits over your pack and play. This, coupled with a white noise machine, can turn any hotel room or vacation rental into the ideal sleep environment for your little one. 

Newton Baby

Image via Newton Baby

A safe sleep environment is one of the things you strive to create as a parent. One of the best decision we ever made was investing in a Newton Baby Mattress. It’s completely breathable, so when your baby starts rolling over and belly sleeping, you can avoid the panic feeling. You will know that no matter what, they’re able to breathe. Their unique design also makes it incredibly easy to wash – the outside cover is machine washable and the inside core can be washed and rinsed…. making those inevitable crib accidents much easier to manage. This mattress has also held up incredibly well – we’ve got baby #3 sleeping on it as we speak. 

Millie Moon

Image via Millie Moon

TBH, we were skeptical when we heard the term “luxury diaper”. Somehow the word luxury and diaper together seemed unnecessary! However, after trying these with our little ones, we put our full stamp of approval on that description. It’s hard to describe, but the feel and effectiveness of these diapers are unmatched. And trust us, we’ve tried every brand of diaper out there. 

Hannah Andersson

Image via Hannah Andersson

Depending on how much of a rough-and-tumble your kid is, hand me down clothing can be a hit or miss. However, we’ve found that our Hannah Andersson pajamas have lasted through every kid. Even our most adventurous child (read: daring and messy). We not only love the durability, but we also love the ingredients (organic cotton!). Not to mention, the fit AND the fact that they carry matching patterns in a wide variety of sizes. To which we have found is quite tricky to find, once your kids span a large variety of sizes. 

There you have it! Hopefully you have found some high quality baby products to look into, whether it’s for you, or someone who is expecting. While we’re on the topic of things that are worth the money, are you a Costco member yet? This article describes why we think a Costco membership is worth it, and includes some tips that you might not know about!