A Modern Eclectic Home with Erica Bryen Design

There’s a reason one-room-challenges and #currenthomeviews are so popular – we’re all a little obsessed with interiors. Well, at least all of us here at IBT HQ are! So we’re thrilled to chat with the wildly talented interior designer, Erica Bryen, of Erica Bryen Design, and tour one of her client’s gorgeous homes on our lifestyle blog today. The Newport Beach designer doubles as a wife and mom to her 5 year old son, Jagger – needless to say, she has a lot on her plate. But she still manages to create the most stunning homes! Here is one of her latest that we know you’re going to love…

Tell us a little bit about you! Where did you start your career?

I have always loved design since I was a little girl. Growing up in Newport Beach, California, both of my parents were in the home/design space. One of my first jobs was working with my dad on his model home developments. I also spent time working with my mom at her design showroom. This helped me realize very early on my passion for design – and ultimately lead me to pursue a career as an interior designer.

When did you decide to launch your own business? What ultimately encouraged you to take that leap?

I knew from the start that I wanted to have my own business. I like to be in control as a designer, and I know if I went to work for a typical company – I would get bored quickly! I do not sit still and like to work at my own pace – as my ideas of what I want and like are always ever-changing.

I was very lucky that when I went out officially on my own as Erica Bryen Design in 2008, I had two projects that started at the same time. The first project was in Palm Desert, and the other was located in Newport Beach. Both projects were stylistically very traditional – think dark furniture and blue and white Chinoiserie. Lucky for me, both of these clients became long term friends, and I will always be grateful they trusted me to design their gorgeous homes!

What does your day-to-day look like?

As a business owner and interior designer, every  day is very different – which is part of the reason I love my job. We will be in the office working on a design, creating presentations, working on CAD, and space planning –  or we can be out at site visits, meeting with clients or visiting some of our favorite showrooms pulling fabrics, tile, etc for our clients.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would say that my designs usually always involve lots of color, textures and tend to be bold. I don’t like to play it safe or stay inside a certain trend – I like to take risks, and I find that is always pays off.

Ok, let’s talk about your incredible work! What was the inspiration for this home’s design?

Thank you! This home in Newport Beach was originally quite traditional, but the owners wanted something funkier, out-of-the-box, and didn’t want it to look like everyone else’s home. We have worked with the client on a few different projects in the past, so they trusted us to take the home from traditional to a more modern-eclectic vibe, and it turned out really well.

Our inspiration for this project was the client’s incredible art collection, which really anchors the home.

Tell us a little bit about the interior design process with new clients, where do you start? What’s the best part?

With new clients, I usually have them show me what they love, don’t like, and get a feel for how they live in the home – do they have kids, pets, like to be outdoors a lot, big entertainers – getting to know them and what’s important kicks off the design process. My favorite part has to be the big reveal at the end of the project. I love when the client gets to see the final design for the first time. Seeing their smiles and happiness for their newly designed space makes it all worthwhile.

Do you have a favorite room in the house and why? 

My favorite room in the Bayshores’ house is definitely the Master Bedroom. The clients have four children and I wanted to create a hotel-like atmosphere where they could relax and unwind at the end of the day. The light woods and silk wallpaper with contemporary lighting from Arteriors really helped bring the ‘resort-vibe’ to life.

What are your favorite interior trends happening now?

I’ve always loved black and use it in a lot of projects – whether it’s a dark accent wall, cabinets, or side table – I’m happy to see it’s trending right now. I like to pair black with brass and natural woods.

Do you have a favorite coffee table book? 

Hard to pick one, but I am always going through my Kelly Wearstler coffee table books, Doris Duke’s Shangri La, A House in Paradise, and Kitchen by Mick De Giulio.

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