Behind the Scenes Look at Light and Dwell Interior Design

Whenever we get a chance to interview a girl boss, or two for that matter, we are always so excited to hear what they have to say about their business. Today on the blog, is no different. We are so excited to hear from the women behind Light and Dwell interior design studio. Brace yourself, because their work design work will blow you away. We are no experts, but from our perspective, their style is one that everyone can appreciate, and marvel at. Scroll on to hear a little Q&A with the founders, and a behind the scenes look at what makes their business so special.

Read on for a little back story behind the women at Light and Dwell, provided by our friends at a Design Partnership

Light and Dwell was created in 2015 when Aymee approached Molly about going into business together. Aymee and Molly have known each other for several years and worked closely together in Young Life College at Oregon State University. Throughout their time working with college students, they recognized their shared heart for relationships/people, and all things beautiful. Over the past years, Light and Dwell has evolved into a Full-Service Interior Design Studio that serves clients all over the country. Light and Dwell is located in Corvallis, Oregon, but now has team members globally.  They are known for their Pacific Northwest style, which translates through various design styles from Minimal Modern, English Tudor, Updated Traditional, and Modern Mountain. Their love for creating beautiful homes runs deep and isn’t limited to the homes themselves, they believe deeply in creating spaces where every client thrives and feels their best. It’s in the transformation where the magic happens.

Q.1 – The story about how the two of you met, is so fun! How does your history together help your business and clients?

We have longevity in the relationship, we’ve been working together for over ten years. We’re also friends, we really care about each other and each other’s families. There is a mutual respect and understanding of each other’s capacities, unique contributions, and roles. A lot of people don’t get into business with their friends, but for us, it has been a really great thing and if anything has grown us closer together. We laugh and joke constantly, but we also work extremely hard.

Q.2 – What was the first project you took on as a company and how have you evolved since then?

Our first project was for a local friend, who was nice enough to entrust us with their home and essentially let us “practice” on them. They are the nicest people, and we’re forever grateful!

Q.3 – You mentioned that you both love working with people, how has this company helped shape who you are today?

It’s really fun for us to work with all types of people, all across the country. Most of our jobs are remote, so we’re working with all different teams. Relationships are really important to a healthy job, and when there’s a great team, the energy and collaboration is one of the best parts of our job. The Light and Dwell team is such a fun group of people – we’re a smaller team, so it’s fun to be intimately involved in everyone’s lives. We really care about our team.

Q.4 – If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Failure is going to happen, and it’s okay. Use your failures to push yourself to be even better both personally and in business. I would also say, it’s okay to ask for help and say “I don’t know.”

Q.5 – What inspires your love of interior design, and how do you strive to be different from others?

Molly: Being in a home that is innovative, well-curated, and yet comfortable at the same time makes me excited to be in this field. I love that no project is the same, and every project is uniquely meshed with our clients’ personal style and Light and Dwell’s style. Our goal is to try new things without being pushy and to create designs that haven’t been seen before. We strive to be different from others by having a Pacific Northwest twinge. Light and Dwell has the ability to design minimal modern designs all the way to classic traditional designs while pairing vintage goods to all design styles, and that’s what makes us unique!

Quick Questions

Coffee Order?

Aymee: Decaf Au Lait
Molly: 2 pumps lavender breve au lait (only from our local coffee shop who makes it right, ha)

AM or PM

Aymee: AM
Molly: AM

Business Idol

Aymee: Beyonce
Molly: JoAnna Gaines – the woman’s a queen, she’s been able to balance family and run an empire!

Happy Hour drink of choice?

Aymee: Sparkle water
Molly: Pinot Noir

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