‘You Are Mom Enough’ Mother’s Day Party

If you get one thing out of this super-cute Mother’s Day party, get this: You are mom enough. That’s the whole point. Malisa at Creative Amme and Erica from One Social Design wanted to do something impactful for moms, so they came together to style and enjoy this mommy and me bruncheon with their mom squad and their little ones. It goes without saying that moms rock, and deserve a little R+R this Mother’s Day (and by R+R we mean rosé and rosé). So whether you’re celebrating your own mama, your fellow mamas, or letting your family and friends celebrate YOU, we hope this fun get-together inspires you to do so in style.

Malisa and Erica asked Roxanne McClure to photograph and be a part it. This is what she had to say,

“They had me at the theme “ You Are Mom Enough”. It spoke to me right away being that motherhood is one of the greatest joys in life. It is also one of the most challenging experiences one can possibly face. From the sweet moments of giggles and story time to the difficult moments like tantrums, we are here for it all and it can be oh so tough. This shoot was for and inspired by all you moms out there. The moms who are working multiple jobs, the moms that are so tired they can’t even recall the name of their kids, and the ones that hide in their locked bathroom with a burger to sit and enjoy a meal without sharing bites. We feel you, we are you, and we are raising a glass for you. Cheers to you mom, momma, madre, meme etc. This is a crazy phase of life that is as challenging as it is rewarding. Never forget You are enough & you are doing your best. Those little eyes that look up at you think you are perfect. They think you are more than enough and so do we.

We were so lucky to have The Foraged Fete create bright florals with beautiful spring hues. Stuffies and legos were allowed and moms were able to raise glasses of rosé while enjoying each other. Kiddos played dress up with Joy Plus Love outfits while moms received pieces of jewelry from Vyn. What’s a party without sugar?! Sweet treats by Grace & Honey Cakes were consumed and sugar highs ensued.

Find your tribe and gather when you can. That small handful of mommy friends will grow into a sisterhood of women who support, love and encourage each other.  Cheers to you ladies and cheers to providing strength and sanity on the difficult mom days! YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH.”



Adorable, right? For more fun Mother’s Day celebrations see this Mother’s Day garden party or this Spring Daisy Brunch!

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