Our Week in Saint Lucia & What We Packed

Saint Lucia is the most beautiful island, with picturesque rainforest views and turquoise beaches! Even the drive from the airport was scenic, with banana tree plantations and palm tree-lined beaches the entire way! We stopped on the side of the road about halfway and were treated to fresh stone oven-baked creole bread with butter and cheese, which was just as delicious as it sounds. We finally made it to our hotel – The Landings – and we immediately felt like we were getting the royal treatment! The hotel had just undergone renovations, but they opened early for us, so we were truly the only people at the resort. Our room was a luxury 3-bedroom suite with views of the dock and only 50 yards from a private beach. That night, we took a boat to Pigeon Island where they had a “bridal shower” welcome reception for all of the attendees. There was a buffet with local cuisine, a wine bar, and a fun local live band!


Day two was spent at the convention center listening to speakers talk about why Saint Lucia is the perfect wedding destination. Our favorite parts were hearing Michelle Myers from Brides magazine talk about destination weddings, and David Beahm sharing the craziest requests he’s had brides ask for at their extravagant affairs. After the convention, we met back at the hotel where we were taken on a private yacht out onto the water to watch the sunset – with champagne of course!

Later, we went back to Pigeon Island where they had turned military ruins into a beautiful wedding rehearsal dinner space. We all sat at long tables and ate local fish, drank wine, and danced to the amazing live band!

Our third (and final) day was the best – we got to tour some of the most gorgeous and luxurious resorts on the island! We took a boat from our hotel to the other side of the island, and as we cruised through the water, we could start to see the famous Pitons peek out from the rest of the rainforest! We were dropped off at our first location – Sugar Beach. At Sugar Beach, each room is actually a private villa, including your own infinity pool overlooking the mountains. Everything is airy, white, and just feels like you are in your own private paradise! We never wanted to leave! After touring the rooms and the incredible rainforest spa, we were picked up on the dock and taken to another resort – Jade Mountain. The architecture at Jade Mountain was breathtaking, and every open-air room had an infinity pool overlooking the most amazing view of the Pitons. There we were treated to a delicious lunch at the resort restaurant! After lunch, we were taken onboard a pirate ship, where we were the guests of a real wedding! We cruised on this ship back to The Landings, and had dinner on the beach.

We’d love to go back and spend more time on the island (and may be secretly recommending it for friends’ weddings, just so we can tag along)! It was beautiful, romantic, and everyone was so nice and welcoming. If you are looking for the perfect Caribbean destination, we might have just found it! And if you want to know what we packed, these were the essentials:

1. Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress – this was so easy to throw on and the tropical print is perfect for any tropical getaway!

2. A cute passport case is a must!

3. Our Kate Spade sunnies never left our side from the boat rides to the sun bathing 🙂

4. The scent of this Bobbi Brown Beach perfume makes us feel like we were still on the island every time we wear it.

5. This book is the perfect beach read!

6. The perfect toiletry kit that’s compact and cute.

^Majorly missing these incredible sunsets!


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