Our Favorite Self Care Practices

As we approach the stresses & joys of the holiday season, it’s essential to continue self-care. These simple practices should be implemented into our day to day lives. As humans, our number one priorities can’t be work or school– eventually, we get run down. To give you ideas, we compiled a sweet list of our favorite self-care practices for you to begin implementing!

.01 – Sunset Walks

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With the time change causing the sunset to be much sooner, getting up & out of the house right around the end of a typical work schedule (9-5) is a great self care idea. Releasing endorphins, breathing in fresh air, & spending intentional time with your roommates or SO while walking is a wonderful way to stay connected to yourself & your community.

.02 – Wine & Cheese Night

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Nothing says self-care like destroying our stomachs with dairy, whilst drinking peach wine & possibly watching the Bachelorette.

.03 – Distraction-less Coffee

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Think about how much tastier your morning joe will be without any distractions… just you, your coffee, & maybe some background music. Of course with kiddos it can be difficult to get this time, but even committing to waking up 15 minutes earlier so you have that solo time will be worth it in the long run.

.04 – Reading for Pleasure

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Whether you’re used to reading textbooks for class, content for clients, or emails from bosses, we are constantly reading. Setting time aside to read a book of your choice (Harry Potter, maybe?) is a great way to figuratively escape this realm & enter a make-believe one.

.05 – Phone-less Bedroom

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What do you associate your bedroom with? If it’s work or social media, it’s time to fix that. Let your bedroom be your sacred space & keep as much out of it as possible. That way, when you’re in your room, you know it’s time for you to cool down, relax, & restore your mind, body, & soul.

.06 – Collect Wildflowers

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As we approach these colder months, maybe it won’t be wildflowers, but it’s about the mindfulness behind it. Wildflowers, leaves, or acorns are all around us yet we’re so unaware. Go outside & look around– notice the leaves falling, wind blowing, etc. It centers your body back to reality, while taking super deep mindful breaths.

.07 – Journaling

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Good, old journaling. One of our favorite things to do is go on Pinterest and search up “journaling prompts” when we feel stagnant.

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