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Raise Your Rates

You’re Worth It: Knowing When To Raise Your Rates

You want to make more money! Well, who doesn’t? Yet, there are so many factors why many of you business owners don’t take the next steps to raise your rates. Most of it is fear… fear of... [Read More]


Giveaway: Business Coaching from Be Inspired PR

Welcome to our brand new Business section of Inspired by This!  Here we’ll be sharing everything from business tips to peeking inside the lives of industry pros.  We have some amazing features coming up... [Read More]

keep calm

What is PR and What Can It Do For You?

“What can you do for me?” That’s the number one question I receive from people inquiring about our wedding PR services. My staff and I hear it multiple times a week, businesses call and... [Read More]


What Is Your Email Really Saying?

What does your email communication method say about your business? Are you short and to the point? Warm and friendly? Informal? Too busy to reply? Email is part of all our daily lives, especially as... [Read More]


The Cheapest Route? Hire a Professional!

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” –Red Adair After all the excitement of the proposal and when the engagement party is... [Read More]