The 3 Things We Look For In The Perfect Job Application

Times are tough. We get it. This Quarantine has effected so many people differently in so many ways. We are very grateful to all of the men and women that are working tirelessly to keep us safe. However, if you are in the creative industry then odds are you are currently looking for work or you know someone looking for work that would find this article helpful! Whatever the scenario, we are here to help with the 3 things we look for in the perfect job application.

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.01 – Passion is Key

Think of it this way, you need to be your biggest hype woman. With that, comes passion. If you are not passionate about yourself, the role, and the company that will translate through the interview process. We can assure you, every employer wants employees that believe in the business just as much as they believe in themselves.

.02 – Remember it’s Not About You

That sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. When entering into an interview whether that’s on the phone or in-person try to answer every question from the mindset, “How can I help this company? What can I offer them that will grow their business?” Don’t confuse this as a mindset to just talk about yourself, this is about how both parties can serve each other. The same goes if you don’t land the job. It is still not about you. If the company does not see the value of what you bring to the table, pick yourself up, and move on. You have bigger and better things in your future.

.03 – Get Creative

Want to stand out against the crowd of resumes?! You already have the perfect job application answers, don’t get overlooked by being like everyone else. Our recommendation is to personalize your resume to reflect your personality or the company’s branding. We have recommended using Canva in the past, and we can attest it is worth the hype!

Here are some examples of our favorite templates, that are free to use on Canva!

Okay now that you have filled out the perfect job application, it’s time to read over this checklist we put together before sending any workplace emails!

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