Your Checklist Before Sending Any Workplace Email

We’re always striving to be better versions of ourselves, both personally and professionally. When it comes to improving your workplace habits, email writing is always a great place to start! Your email etiquette can have a huge impact on the way that others see you. That includes coworkers, clients, and new business relationships! Here’s a handy checklist before sending any workplace email to ensure you’re making the best possible digital impression.

Your Checklist Before Sending Any Workplace Email - Inspired by This

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01. Check your grammar.

This one should go without saying, but always always always proofread your emails! Are you using the correct punctuation? Is everything spelled correctly? We use Grammarly to double-check our work before sending any workplace email.

02. Triple check the person’s name.

Have you spelled their name correctly? There are so many variations of every name out there, and it’s worth making sure you’ve got it right before pressing send. You’ll get bonus points from the receiver for getting it right!

03. Attach your attachments.

We know we’re guilty of saying “photo attached” and then… not attaching anything. Take that extra second before pressing send to make sure you’re delivering what you’re promising!

04. Make sure you have a subject line.

Extra credit if your subject line actually applies to what you’re emailing about! No one likes getting (no subject) emails – Don’t be that person! People get tens if not hundreds of emails a day, so make sure they know why they’re hearing from you.

05. Confirm who is copied on the chain.

The last thing to do before sending any workplace email is to make sure you’re sending to the right person or people! If someone should be copied, make sure they are. When you’re responding to an email, confirm that you’re “replying all” to everyone on the chain. If you’re looping someone in, make sure you actually put them on the chain! You’ll save yourself the extra step of having to forward or loop them back in.

There you go – You now have a handy checklist to follow before sending any workplace email! For extra tips, check out this post on the things you should start saying at work.

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