How To Make A Big Impact With Tile In Small Spaces

We’ve all wondered how to make spaces in our home pop! LIVDEN has got us covered. As a company centered on sustainability, accessibility, and originality, you know you are bringing the best into your home. The tiles are made from recycled materials while displaying a stunning array of patterns. As if the product is not enough, they are here to teach you all about using tile in small spaces. Here, we specifically look at its use in and around fireplaces to make them stand out. You may have thought you’d seen it all, but these tips will have you rethinking your space very soon.

Tip 1: Amplify Accent Colors

Decorative fireplace tile is the perfect opportunity to amplify the accent colors in your overall design palette. Look for a pattern tile that predominantly displays one or more of your accent colors to reinvigorate your fireplace design! 

STELLA Collection Native Tile in the Fog Colorway on Recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo

Tip 2: Create Contrast

Pack a punch with your fireplace design by selecting a decorative tile that showcases a bold, modern design in a colorway that contrasts the other elements in your design plan.

Tip 3: Try Large-Scale Designs

Don’t be afraid of large-scale tile designs. For example, a 16×16 tile design can not only turn your fireplace into a stunning focal point, but it can also make your entire space feel much larger than it is. With a large-scale tile design, you can easily play with proportions while still making your fireplace feel fresh.  

STELLA Collection Single Flower Tile in the Charcoal Colorway on Recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo

Tip 4: Try Blending Materials

Looking for a budget-friendly way to update your fireplace? Try strategically blending a small amount of patterned tile with other neutral materials, like wood or plain Terrazzo tile. With a pattern tile that really pops, you don’t have to use a lot of tile to create the visual impact you’re looking for!

Tip 5: Choose Sustainable Materials

We are going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to sacrifice design for sustainability! You can add an element of sustainable design and extra visual interest by using modern recycled materials. For example, LIVDEN offers over 50 unique tile designs on tiles made from 65-100% recycled materials.

STELLA Collection Native Tile in the Fog Colorway on Recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo

Tip 6: Make a Statement

Working with a large surface area for your fireplace tile design? Consider turning your fireplace into a piece of living art by tiling it with a contemporary, patterned tile. Regardless of whether you choose a bold, vibrant colorway or a subdued classic color combo, this tile design application will create a central visual interest point in your space that will arrest and delight anyone passing by.

Tip 7: Do the Unexpected

When you think of tiling a fireplace, you probably think about tiling the front-facing façade. But that’s not all you can tile! Create an unexpected design moment in your space by adding a tile area rug to the floor just around your fireplace, like the image below. 

ELLY Collection Floret Tile in the Rose Colorway on Recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo

Even if you do not have a fireplace, these tiles and tips can be used all over the home. LIVDEN tiles are stunning in look and creation. We can’t wait to get our hands on some to elevate our own home design. Looking for more inspiration about the perfect change for your home? Check out this Modern Rustic Home Designed By White Oak Living!