What ‘California Casual’ Looks Like in A Texas Designer’s Home

We’re excited to chat with interior designer, Sarah Fultz, in her self-described California Casual style home on our lifestyle blog today. Photographer, Sami Kathryn, says “When you walk through the front door into the bright and open space, you instantly feel a sense of cozy, beauty, comfort, and family.” We couldn’t agree more. So grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home, because Sarah is taking you around the curated, kid-friendly space her family calls home. From the leather bar stools to the variety of eclectic vintage pieces, you’ll be pin-happy the rest of the day.

Tell us a little bit about you! Where did you start your career?

My career path is honestly a little hilarious. I studied Political Science and Religious Studies in college. Then I worked in the nonprofit/vocational ministry world for four years, before transitioning off to stay home when my first son was born. There’s nothing like motherhood to really set your perspective and help forge your passions, so Sarah Fultz Interiors is a result of things I have learned about myself and my family over the past six years. So the road has been winding, but not aimless; each transition has been intentional.

Have you always had a passion for Interior Design? Where did it come from?

My passion for interior design has come from personal experience. I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that creating a home you love can have on your quality of life. I firmly believe that we are more engaging with our families, more rested for our work, and more hospitable to others when we are living in spaces designed with beauty and intention.

When did you decide to launch your own business! What ultimately encouraged you to take that leap?

I LOVE talking about this and have so many thoughts, but I’ll try to keep it brief! It was clear to me that my love for interior design was big and deep and something I wanted to share with others. I started by just saying “yes” the next time someone asked me for design help in their home, which was happening pretty regularly. I charged nothing, because it was really just a choice to do more of this thing I am so passionate about. Word kind of got out, friends told their friends. Then one day I was contacted by a total stranger who had seen some work I’d done, and asked me to help fully furnish their new home. It was a crazy opportunity that came in a season in which I was feeling particularly brave, so I took the leap and Sarah Fultz Interiors was born. I am still growing and learning so much, making all the mistakes; but this has been such a life-giving season and I am loving every minute of it.  

How would you describe your design aesthetic? How did that translate into your home, or did you incorporate different styles?  

My design aesthetic is curated, eclectic, and cozy yet minimal. I find that taking a “big picture” approach to my style helps me serve my clients well without losing myself in the process. This way when a client comes to me and wants a farmhouse look, it’s easy for me to give them “Sarah’s take on farmhouse” (or midcentury or traditional, etc.). Our current home definitely has a ‘California casual’ vibe. Lots of white, lots of natural textures and materials, and a healthy mix of vintage and new items.

We love all your unique furniture pieces and accessories! Where do you like to shop for home decor?

Thank you! Etsy and eBay for vintage rugs (an absolute must in any home, no matter the style). Antique stores for objects and accessories (the fun kind, not the stuffy places!). World Market for literally just about everything else (you could build a really beautiful life for yourself from that store alone).

Did you take on any DIY projects to renovate or refurbish anything in your home?

I like to joke with my husband that “as a supporter of artisans, DIY projects are against my mission.” Ha! I did add blackout liner to the bamboo roman shades in my sons’ rooms. I wanted the airiness and natural texture of the bamboo, but babies gotta sleep.

You’re also a mom! What are the key things to keep in mind when designing a home that is family friendly?

Yes! I have three magical little boys that add so much depth, purpose, and fun to my life. As for family friendly design, listen: we could talk about durable materials, patterned rugs to hide stains, and ways to baby-proof a home, but ultimately what you need is a family-friendly mindset. Lovers of design can sometimes forget that homes are for living, which can lead to either putting off creating a space that inspires you, OR creating a space you love, in which no one is allowed to actually have any kind of fun. Key things to remember: it’s all just stuff, ease and contentment in your home is a gift you can give your children, and not jumping on the couch in muddy shoes while eating a chocolate bar is learned behavior for kids, so teach them!

How do you unwind? Do you have a favorite place at home to rest and recharge?

I am an introvert of the highest order, so I unwind best alone. Our master bathroom was designed with this in mind, so it is incredibly serene and highlights all of my favorite things (lots of white, natural materials, and vintage rugs). My husband will sometimes say, “I got this,” at the boys’ bedtime, and I’ll pour a glass of wine, run a very hot bath, and wonder if I will actually die of happiness in this moment.

What are your favorite interior trends happening now?

Zellige tiles. In the kitchen, bath, fireplace – I love them everywhere. I recently had the opportunity to visit Morocco, and seeing the riads and casbahs covered in this ancient technique  really confirmed the staying power of this look.

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