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Gone Fishing Engagement Photos - Wedding Blog

Gone Fishing Engagement Photos

A fishing engagement on the wedding blog today!? We just had to share this adorable summer tradition as the warm days are coming to an end and everyone is returning from vacation.  Can’t it just... [Read More]

Retro Cafe Engagement

Retro Miami Cafe Engagement

This cafe engagement takes us to a different era – like the scene in “Pearl Harbor” where Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale say their goodbyes in the hotel elevator – yep, that level of... [Read More]

Black Tie Engagement Photos

Black Tie Engagement Photos

This is one good lookin’ couple and the black tie outfits highlight their beauty even more. Matoli Keely captured these engagement photos and took them from a walk in the park (picnic included) to a night... [Read More]

Mid Century Engagement at Home

Mid Century Engagement at Home

Not only does this photo session capture the engaged couple’s love, but also their amazing mid century home! With mod furniture and bright colors this home was the perfect backdrop for Emily & Brad’s... [Read More]


Independence Day Engagement Session on the Lake

How romantic and stunning is this engagement session! I mean, a whole lake to yourselves while a photographer captures your love story with an American twist sounds pretty good to us. Michelle & David... [Read More]