Glowing Engagement Photos In Yosemite National Park

There is nothing like glowing engagement photos that even take your eyes away from the stunning background. They are the view! The use of light makes the couple glow against nature. Yosemite National Park was the perfect choice for the location of this shoot. The couple’s outfits match the location’s feeling while also seeming so elegant. Each photo captures their movement, almost letting us see it in a static image. The love between these two is evident.

Emily Dilcherd of Elle Studios tells us all about the couple in these glowing engagement photos,

Jaqueline and Ronnie’s connection is truly beautiful. Their love became ever stronger through the hardest times, especially when walking side by side wasn’t possible. Jaqueline was always by Ronnie’s side, pushed him in his wheelchair, stood behind him in his walker, then beside him in his crutches after his motorcycle accident. Being able to walk side by side at their engagement session after a whole year of not being able brought tears to everyone’s eyes. This was definitely a huge milestone for this sweet, strong couple.

These glowing engagement photos at Yosemite National Park are everything! It is the perfect location as spring begins. Then, add it to your Pinterest boards and get planning! Finally, you can find more inspiration on the blog! Check out these Sunset Utah Flats Bridal Photos!

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