7 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner For The First Time

If it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving this year, you might be feeling a bit intimidated. Feeling this way? There is no need to worry because we are sharing with you our 7 tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure to keep reading and take some notes. Your guests will leave Thanksgiving dinner: full, impressed, and coming back for seconds!

01. Craft A Signature Cocktail

Image via DalyDigs

The best way to make your Thanksgiving dinner memorable is by serving a fabulous signature cocktail. Show off your great hostessing skills and greet your guests with this yummy option. Your guests will not only be grateful for your creativity, but they will also be impressed by this delicious Spiced-Pear cocktail!

02. Create A Floral Centerpiece

Image via @celebrationsathomeblog

The Thanksgiving dinner table has to be the shining star of your evening. A floral centerpiece is the perfect way to add some warm tones and character to your table. Everyone loves flowers, and this centerpiece is no exception. Plus, it will look great in all of your family photos!

03. Try Your Hand At A Harvest Charcuterie Board

Image via @cominguprosestheblog

Start off your evening with a fabulous charcuterie board because basically no one will turn this down. Let your creativity shine! There is so many different ways to take it that are all amazing. While your guests are waiting for the meal to come, have them snack on these yummy treats and catch up on the good times!

04. Decorate With A Thanksgiving Table Setting

Image via Farmhousehub

As we said earlier, the dinner table is the star of the show. If there is one tip you should follow, it’s decorating with the perfect Thanksgiving table set-up. This will set the mood and tone of the evening. Your guests will surely appreciate your sense of taste and class!

05. Have Your Guests Bring a Dish

Image via @Thecookierookie

If the thought of cooking everything overwhelms you, you don’t have to take the heat! Have your guests participate by bringing a dish for everyone to share. To make this easier, create a sign up sheet and email it out to your guest list. Everyone has the chance to pick their favorite meal to bring. This takes the pressure off of you to make every entree’, appetizer, and dessert. This way, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and catch up with family, rather than being hidden in the kitchen for the entire evening.

06. Create A Festive Feel With Fall Candles

Image via @GoldenGalCandleCo

Fall scents are everything! Your guests will appreciate the aura a candle will bring to the evening. What’s our tip? Pick a scent that is rich and warm, and it will totally set the mood for the whole night.

07. Add Some Fall Flare To Your Bar Cart

Image via @molliealamode

Is that signature cocktail not enough? Celebrate what you’re thankful for in style, and decorate your bar cart. Moscow mule mugs are screaming to be part of your fall decorations. We are loving the way this one looks, and feels, in this room.

We hope our list of 7 tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner relieves you of some stress. Planning a successful and memorable Thanksgiving takes a lot of effort, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Use these tips and your guests will be begging you to host Thanksgiving every year!