5 Pieces For Your Home to Step Up Your Minimalist Style Game

If this year has taught us anything it’s that having a home that you love and enjoy being in is absolutely essential! We have started trying to clear out everything from our homes that 1). does not serve a purpose or 2). is no longer bringing us joy. So if you are looking to minimize your home decor and design we recommend going through what you already have now and pairing down those owning. Once you have done that if you are looking to step up your minimalist style game, then below are our 5 favorite pieces that will get you started on the right foot.

.01 – A Chic & Cozy Chair

Our Pick: Gabriola Ivory Boucle Lounge Chair from Article

.02 – Storage Baskets

Our Pick: Open Weave Zigzag Baskets from West Elm

.03 – Minimalist Art Print

Our Pick: Carnival Beauty Picture Frame Print From All Modern

.04 – Decorative Garland

Our Pick: Wooden Bead Garland Natural from Target

.05 – File and Mail Organizer

Our Pick: Acrylic File Bin from Pottery Barn

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