5 Minutes to a Fresh Spring Space

Can you believe it’s already March?! We’re finally starting to get warmer weather and pull the sundresses out from the back of our closet. Around this time, though, we always feel like our home and office need a bit of sprucing and freshening up! So, we’re sharing how we turn every room in our homes into a fresh spring space – in 5 minutes or less. No, this isn’t a spring cleaning project you’ll need to gear up for. It’s a quick and easy fix to a simpler, happier, odor-free space.

When the sun starts to shine more often, our homes and offices naturally start to look a bit brighter. The first step in reaping all the benefits of those rays is opening up blinds, curtains and doors. We love to let the light stream in to every room – and maximize the bright light.

In the spring and summer months, our office doors are open all of the time to let in not only light but also fresh air! Things can feel stuffy and dull at the end of winter, so we like to also bring in vibrant and aromatic scents. To do so, we use Febreze ONE. The newest Febreze product is odor eliminating without an overpowering ‘cover-up’ smell. Instead, the light & airy scents have us spritzing it all over the office. The nature-inspired formula comes in Mandarin, Bamboo, and Orchid. And ALL of them smell amazing! Also, they have no aerosols, no dyes, and no heavy perfumes so a light fresh scent is guaranteed.

We also love the Febreze ONE two-in-one formula that makes it useful for both air and fabric. Anytime we can kill two birds with one stone – especially when it comes to purchasing cleaning products – it’s a win. Our cupboards are full as it is – right?! Plus, the package is refillable so you’re also saving on long term costs and waste.

Keep each scent stocked in your cleaning closet, bathroom cupboard, or laundry room for an easy way to a fresh spring space! You’ll love the way they instantly make your home or office smell and seem more beautiful!

This post is sponsored by Febreze ONE. Thanks for supporting the companies that support Inspired by This!

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