12 Positive Affirmations to Start The Day

We all could use a word of encouragement every now and then…er, every day. Our “saved” folder on Instagram is full of colorful quotes and positive affirmations that we rarely remember to go back and look at in those times when we are feeling down in the dumps, or just a bit discouraged. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are feeling that way until we come across the perfect words that speak straight to our soul. And then, we are suddenly filled with the confidence, love, power, insert whatever feeling you are in need of here, etc. and reminded of how great we are :). You know the feeling right? Right!

Well, we want you to feel that all the time. So we rounded up a few positive affirmations to start the day off on the right foot. Whether you need the motivation for a project at work or need to be reminded that you are worthy and loved, words can be powerful. And they can remind us that social media is more than a black hole that makes us compare ourselves to strangers. Ha! We divert – let’s get to the good stuff. Get ready to bookmark this page for all the times when you need daily affirmations to feel a little better and/or motivated!

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What are your favorite quotes or positive affirmations?!

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