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Oct 21, 2014

Sock Bun 2.0 Tutorial

We’re all about the sock bun so we are ready for this tutorial on our style blog today! This isn’t your typical sock bun though – it’s low, it has some added elements – but it is just as easy! Erica from 10.11 Makeup is taking the sock bun to the next level with this hair do and we can’t wait to try it out! Check out her take on the high pony too!

Sock Bun 2.0

Step 1: Separate the hair into three sections. The hair from your front hairline to the back of your ear on each side, and the remaining section left in the back. Place the back section into a ponytail.

Sock Bun 2.0

Step 2: Back comb/ tease the hair in the ponytail. This will help the hair grip as you shape it with the sockbun, as well as offering a little thickness to shape of the bun.

Sock Bun 2.0

Step 3: Gather your ponytail and place the ends of the hair through the center of of your sockbun. Pull the hair through until you have enough hair to tuck around the sockbun, covering the outside portion. Now roll the bun towards the base of the ponytail, continuously tucking the hair around, as well as any fall out. You may feel like you are doing it wrong, do not give up keep going until you reach the base. You may need to adjust some of the hair around the bun, covering any holes you may see. The backcombing step from earlier will help with this.

Sock Bun 2.0

Step 4: Take one of the sections of hair you left out from step one. Direct the hair back and across to the opposite side of your head, wrapping the hair down and around the bun. Depending on how long your hair is, you may not make it as far, or you may need to loop around the bun more. Secure with pins, making sure to keep them hidden. Repeat with the opposite side.

Sock Bun 2.0 Sock Bun 2.0

Step 5: Spray with a finishing spray.

Sock Bun 2.0






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