Inspired By This

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Looking to up your wrapping game this season? This is a super cute and simple way to take your gifts from bah hum bug to pretty little masterpieces. Don’t worry, you can use the wrapping paper you have already purchased and take it up a notch with this quick DIY. Lupa & Pepi not only created the festive snowflake & “falalalala” paper used here, but they showed us how to turn it into the perfect gift wrap accent. Still looking for the perfect gift? We’ve got your bestie.. and everyone else.. covered.



What You Need:
L & P gift wrap (Fa La La & Fa La La Snowflake)
X-acto knife, ruler, & cutting mat
Glue stick – or – tape runner




1. With an xacto & ruler, cut 1/2″ strips from L&P gift wrap. The length should wrap around your gift — plus a little extra.


2. Wrap a strip around the gift & adhere the ends to one another. Select another strip of the same pattern — wrap it parallel to the first strip & adhere. Repeat with the rest of the strips of the same pattern.



3. Perpendicular to the strips already wrapped on the gift, weave the remaining strips under & over. Glue the ends together underneath the gift.

*note: have fun with the weaves & vary the pattern by weaving over & under multiple strips at a time