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Beauty Boss Sam Salk of Mobile Bridal Salon

We love sharing beautiful weddings, events, and styled shoots but getting to share the stories of talented vendors behind the scenes is extra special! Today, we’re interviewing girl boss, Sam Salk of Mobile Bridal Salon in her L.A. work space, styled by Blue Door Creative. Even though this girl is always on the move (hence her business’ name), we’re lucky she took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat epiphany moments and best advice.

Tell us your story – how did you get into make-up?

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for make up. The realization that I had a talent came in college, by simply working at a Clinique counter. This stirred a drive in me to move to Los Angeles and pursue my passion. When I moved to L.A. 12 years ago, I was lucky to connect and meet some wonderful people in the industry, that helped me get to where I am today.

What made you want to start Mobile Bridal Salon?

This was one of those “shower epiphany” moments.  Working in the commercial make-up industry, I realized that I had many colleagues/friends that were all doing the same thing, but advertising separately, either commercially or in the wedding business. My epiphany was to create a “beauty agency” where we could all work under one roof, while I organized and coordinated.

And now it’s a reality! What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

“Community over competition.” This is some solid advice that I’ve learned. Stepping on others to get ahead really just hurts you in the long run. Community is key. And take risks! It is simple advice but something I take to heart and that has really helped me grow personally and in my business.

When it comes to creating a beauty look, what inspires you?

I love getting inspiration from photographers and other wedding vendors. Often once I meet the bride in person, they are my inspiration.

What do you have to have in your beauty bag? 

My go to products in my beauty bag are the waterproof gel liner in darkside from Anastasia, give me sun bronzer from MAC, translucent loose powder from Laura Mercier and last but not least Lucas Papaw Ointment.

OK, spill – What’s one of your beauty tricks that the average person can incorporate into their daily routine? 

Want more volume?  Try spraying your hair with a workable light hair spray upside down from roots to ends. Work it into your roots with your fingertips, flip your hair back up and tada! I recommend either the Bumble and Bumble Does it All spray or the workable spray by KMS.

Your new website is amazing! How would you describe your aesthetic?
Overall, I would say our aesthetic is ethereal. It also has a modern but classic look, with clean & simple lines. It is to the point while still maintaining a sense of elegance.
Any more fun projects in the works?

I am collaborating with some photographers and a wedding planner for some styled shoots at new, up and coming wedding venues. Styled shoots are always a great source of creativity, so I can’t wait!

You’ve also worked with some high profile musicians and television shows. Do you have an all time favorite project?

My all time favorite project was when I worked on a commercial with Boyz II Men. They were not only lovely to work with, they also serenaded me on my 30th birthday with the most amazing version of “happy birthday to you” I have ever heard.

Dream collaboration?